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December 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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METRO selects SaviTrak [Published: 12-01-2006]
Under the ALA project, SaviTrak will monitor a variety of retail products while they are transported through a global RFID reader network.

Microsoft Releases Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office [Published: 12-01-2006]
Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office release are available to volume licensing customers marks the beginning of the most significant product launch in company history.

Business Objects Acquires Nsite Software [Published: 12-04-2006]
The acquisition will expand the ability for Business Objects to deliver on-demand business intelligence solutions.

National Center for State Courts Selects SPSS [Published: 12-04-2006]
NCSC has purchased additional SPSS technology to analyze data pertaining to U.S. state courts.

SAP Announces Availability of SAP Enhancement Package for mySAP ERP [Published: 12-04-2006]
The first enhancement package is now available to customers running mySAP ERP 2005 as part of their license and maintenance agreement.

QlikTech Releases The Wine Press [Published: 12-04-2006]
The Wine Press offers in-depth analysis of over 3,000 wines ranging from 1964-2003.

Hyperion Announces SolutionsNet [Published: 12-04-2006]
SolutionsNet enhances support for partners who offer targeted BPM solutions built on Hyperion System 9 software.

Tangosol and Interface 21 Introduce Coherence Data Grid for Spring [Published: 12-04-2006]
Coherence Data Grid for Spring will enable standalone Spring applications to leverage the resiliency of a Coherence Data Grid.

Alterian Introduces Analytics Led E-Mail Marketing [Published: 12-05-2006]
Product release heralds step change in enabling relevant e-mail and online marketing.

Should Budgeting be a Managed Service? [Published: 12-05-2006]
This article will look at a slightly controversial approach to budgeting: outsourcing your budgeting applications.

Best Practices Marketing Database Content, Part 2 [Published: 12-05-2006]
Building on Part 1 of this series, this article contains two case studies on successful CRM, and also provides a cautionary tale of database content that is very far from best practices.

Velsicol Chemical Selects Information Builders [Published: 12-05-2006]
Velsicol Chemical has selected WebFOCUS as its enterprise BI standard for reporting and information delivery.

Information Builders Announces the Addition of an XBRL Adapter [Published: 12-05-2006]
The XBRL Adapter enables WebFOCUS to directly report against XBRL documents located locally or on the Web.

DataMirror Announces Support for the Netezza Performance Server Data Warehouse Appliance [Published: 12-05-2006]
DataMirror’s integration solution brings CDC capabilities to Netezza’s customers.

Crystal Reports for Eclipse is Now Available within IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform 7.0 [Published: 12-05-2006]
Crystal Reports for Eclipse is part of the embedded reporting solution provided by Business Objects for Rational desktop users.

Microsoft Releases CTP for Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 [Published: 12-06-2006]
Office PerformancePoint Server CTP 1 will combine the planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidation capabilities of the product code-named “BizSharp”.

Bill Baker Discusses the Evolution of Microsoft's Business Intelligence Solution into Performance Management [Published: 12-06-2006]
Microsoft recenlty moved one step closer to its official entry into the performance management space by announcing the release of the first CTP of its new performance management application.

Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite [Published: 12-06-2006]
Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite helps simplify and improve security by providing single sign-on, access control and password management for virtually any application.

Actuate Partners with Zend to Deliver Reporting for PHP [Published: 12-07-2006]
Actuate Partners and Zend have teamed up to allow PHP developers to quickly add reporting capabilities to Web applications using Actuate BIRT.

Data Warehouse Stabilization [Published: 12-07-2006]
While a data warehouse is truly never finished, it will reach a point of semantic stabilization.

The Linux Liability Problem [Published: 12-07-2006]
The greatest differentiator between OS vendors is no longer a question of features, function, performance, customer support, security, reliability or any feature of the product itself. The future of computing may depend on the lawyers.

CSC Wins NASA Contract [Published: 12-07-2006]
CSC to provide a comprehensive range of engineering services to the NASA Wallops Flight Facility.

Information Builders Extends the Power of Active Reports to Mobile Devices [Published: 12-07-2006]
WebFOCUS Active Reports is now available on mobile devices.

Intermec Selects Broadcom Wi-Fi Technology [Published: 12-07-2006]
Broadcom's AirForce One single-chip Wi-Fi radio allows high-quality wireless LAN connectivity in small electronic devices.

OutlookSoft Positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant of Gartner’s 2006 Magic Quadrant for CPM Suites [Published: 12-08-2006]
Gartner evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of 16 leading CPM vendors using its Magic Quadrant methodology.

SRC Releases Portfolio Version 6.1 [Published: 12-08-2006]
SRC has updated the platform's ‘Help’ system to support user search capabilities, expanded geography search and expanded rank report limits to 20,000.

Tangosol Announces Results of Data Grid Benchmarks [Published: 12-08-2006]
Coherence enables linear scaling of parallel processing across the grid as the grid increases in size and is limited only by aggregate CPU cycles across the grid.

Siperian Offers Uniquely Adaptive Software Platform for CDI and MDM [Published: 12-11-2006]
Ron Powell Speaks with Anurag Wadehra in an exclusive interview.

Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management: A Marriage Made in Heaven? [Published: 12-11-2006]
Business intelligence and business performance management are both growing and will continue to show strong momentum for some time to come.

Peace Corps Selects SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 12-11-2006]
Peace Corps is deploying SPSS predictive analytics software to survey volunteer satisfaction.

University of Pittsburgh Deploys JReport [Published: 12-11-2006]
University of Pittsburgh is deploying JReport to better allocate its laboratory real-estate resources for use in research projects.

The Benefits of Enterprise System Consolidation for Business Performance Management and Business Intelligence [Published: 12-11-2006]
Consolidating your vendors will help you increase the likelihood of success of your business performance management initiatives as you extend the range of users across the company.

Gartner Positions Applix in the Visionaries Quadrant of CPM Suites Magic Quadrant [Published: 12-11-2006]
Gartner defines visionaries as vendors that have a strong vision for delivering a CPM suite.

Heald College Selects StrataVia [Published: 12-11-2006]
Heald College has selected StrataVia's managed services group to perform its database administration services and care for its valued student database information.

How Close is Bar Code to RFID & What are the Implications for Hiring RFID Employees? [Published: 12-12-2006]
Using a popular technology adoption model as a framework, this article discusses the adoption of RFID technology, compares and contrasts the adoption of bar code and RFID technologies, and then presents the implications for hiring RFID employees.

Predictive Analysis and the Business of Government [Published: 12-12-2006]
While it is important in business intelligence to not forget about the past or the present, there is clearly maximum value in being able to get a glimpse of the future.

HP to Acquire Knightsbridge Solutions [Published: 12-12-2006]
HP's acquisition of Knightsbridge Solutions expands HP’s business intelligence services capabilities.

DataLens System 3.2 Achieves Powered by SAP NetWeaver Status [Published: 12-12-2006]
The DataLens System can now be deployed on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server J2EE engine and accessed via the SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Actuate and Wipro to Deliver Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 12-12-2006]
Wipro to resell Actuate’s enterprise reporting software in North America.

ENTEGA Service Selects SAND/DNA [Published: 12-12-2006]
ENTEGA Service GmbH has implemented the SAND/DNA nearline solution for SAP NetWeaver BI.

Denodo Enterprise Data Mash-Ups Deliver Single View of Entity and Holistic Business Intelligence [Published: 12-13-2006]
Ron Powell speaks with Denodo’s Suresh Chandrasekaran in an exclusive interview.

InterSystems Announces that CACHÉ Joins Forces with Forerun [Published: 12-13-2006]
CACHÉ is being used by Forerun, as the technology foundation for the commercial version of their ED Dashboard,to improve medical care and operational efficiency within EDs.

New Training and Certification Courses for 2007 Announced by RFID4U [Published: 12-13-2006]
RFID4U announces new RFID training courses.

SkandSoft’s Outstanding Technical Innovativeness in the RFID Market Acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan [Published: 12-13-2006]
SkandSoft Technologies Private Ltd. has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the recipient of the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Award for Emerging Technology.

Netezza Announces Catalina Marketing has Purchased the Netezza Performance Server 10800 System [Published: 12-14-2006]
NPS 10800 system will comprehensively analyze data from its database of more than 130 million shopper households.

Granularity of Data [Published: 12-14-2006]
Should data be stored at its lowest level of granularity?

Leveraging the Next Generation of Requirements Management Solutions for Greater Profitability [Published: 12-14-2006]
René Bellei discusses requirements management solutions.

The Challenges of Performance Analytics [Published: 12-14-2006]
In order to make performance-based management work, all participants must have an incentive to allow themselves to be somewhat vulnerable in exchange for an opportunity for a much greater reward.

Building a Business Case for Customer-Centric Master Data Management [Published: 12-14-2006]
Anurag Wadehra provides advice for those considering master data management.

HP to Acquire Knightsbridge [Published: 12-15-2006]
After the acquisition, Knightsbridge will be completely integrated into HP Services within HP’s Technology Solutions Group.

Understanding Performance and Collaborative Workspaces [Published: 12-18-2006]
Both performance and collaborative workspaces are key to providing business users with the personalized information they need to do their jobs.

Accuracy, Sampling and the Accuracy of Sampling [Published: 12-18-2006]
Manually verifying data accuracy is bound to introduce errors. Therefore, sampling can be used to derive some conclusions about a large body of information by selecting a smaller number of instances for the purposes of inferencing.

Opening the Door to a Service-Oriented Architecture [Published: 12-18-2006]
Collaborative products can provide a doorway for the end user into a new and innovative way of interacting with the IT environment, restructured according to a service-oriented architecture. login required

Risks and Rewards for Telecoms [Published: 12-19-2006]
Change is making it important to develop nimble and flexible business models for telecommunication service providers.

Enterprise Architecture in Banking [Published: 12-19-2006]
This article is a continuation in the series on enterprise architecture.

SRC Partners with Centers & Malls [Published: 12-19-2006]
This partnership will give customers even greater value by satisfying the demand for sophisticated and intuitive geographical business intelligence solutions.

Actuate 9 SP1 Supports Microsoft PowerPoint [Published: 12-19-2006]
Actuate 9 SP1 allows users to choose from the complete range of Microsoft Office formats for viewing and communicating mission-critical corporate performance information.

Actuate Renews Agreement with Oracle [Published: 12-19-2006]
The agreement extends delivery of Actuate-based reporting capabilities within Oracle’s Siebel customer relationship management.

Ingres and GoldenGate Software form Partnership [Published: 12-19-2006]
This partnership offers enterprise customers real-time business intelligence and zero downtime migrations from proprietary databases to Ingres' open-source platform.

Scherer Brothers Lumber Standardizes on Information Builders' WebFOCUS [Published: 12-19-2006]
The solution will automate complex financial reporting and provide greater access to disparate data sources.

Entrepreneurialism in the New Millennium [Published: 12-21-2006]
Entrepreneurialism has changed a lot since the 1990s.

Making Your Own Weather: Your Data Management Microclimate [Published: 12-21-2006]
Emerging master data management (MDM) and customer data integration (CDI) initiatives, along with the steady-state CRM efforts and growing business intelligence (BI) portfolios, are breathing new life into data management.

RFID Market for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Shows Particular Promise [Published: 12-28-2006]
RFID can facilitate a shift from corrective to predictive maintenance strategies.