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August 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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OutlookSoft Drives Next Generation Performance Management [Published: 08-01-2006]
Ron Powell recently spoke with OutlookSoft’s Christian Gheorghe in an exclusive interview.

SAND and TopEnd to Implement SAND/DNA Analytics at NHN [Published: 08-01-2006]
The implementation of SAND/DNA Analytics at NHN is the core component of the data warehouse system supporting analysis of Internet portal usage.

Neutral or Fast Lane for Telecoms? [Published: 08-01-2006]
Currently, the Internet is free and open to anyone who wants to post content and/or access content. About the only limiting factor is the speed of connection to the Internet. Is that about to change?

Is a Data Warehouse Appliance Right for You? [Published: 08-01-2006]
The top-line view from the assessment suggested in this article will enable development of a short-list of options based on needs to assist an organization when deciding between an appliance or built-to-requirement data warehouse.

Comverse Selects NMS Communications [Published: 08-01-2006]
Comverse has chosen NMS's Open Access platform as the underlying voice technology for its InSight value-added services environment.

Active Mailorder Selects Junction Solutions [Published: 08-01-2006]
Active Mailorder has chosen JunctionMCR to integrate back-end, catalog, eCommerce and POS operations, providing a single view of its customers across all sales channels.

Jinfonet Releases JReport 7.3 [Published: 08-01-2006]
JReport 7.3 provides numerous improvements to the product’s usability, information delivery capabilities and enterprise-class embedded reporting.

CSC Awarded Department of Homeland Security Eagle Contract [Published: 08-01-2006]
CSC will supply the necessary personnel, materials, equipment, facilities and other services to satisfy the requirements established in each competitively awarded task in the functional areas.

GDOT Selects BusinessObjects XI Release 2 [Published: 08-02-2006]
The GDOT is using BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to track the performance of the agency's many transportation projects.

Information Builders Announces the Availability of WebFOCUS Resource Analyzer [Published: 08-02-2006]
WebFOCUS Resource Analyzer helps organizations get a better handle on usage monitoring and analysis for maximum business intelligence system performance across the enterprise.

ProcessMAP Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 08-02-2006]
ProcessMAP has selected MicroStrategy for enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities.

Financial Services Employees Volunteer in Roundtable's 2006 Community Build Day [Published: 08-02-2006]
Over 5,000 employees from 43 Roundtable member companies will build/repair homes in cities across the United States.

STA Travel Implements RedDot Content Management System [Published: 08-02-2006]
STA Travel is using RedDot CMS on a global scale for all of its Web sites offering exciting enhancements including localization and language translation.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Selects Verint's ULTRA Solution [Published: 08-03-2006]
BCBSKS has selected its ULTRA solution to enhance the customer experience it provides through its two contact centers.

Integration [Published: 08-03-2006]
Textual integration is now rivaling systems integration in importance.

The Evolution of a Data Czar [Published: 08-03-2006]
Learn how one Data Czar managed his company’s data as an asset, and also how a strategy was devised to cement the data management function and its value proposition.

IBM Acquires Webify [Published: 08-03-2006]
Webify technology will be integrated into IBM Software Group under the WebSphere brand.

GHX Acquires NoInk [Published: 08-04-2006]
GHX has acquired NoInk to automate field sales processes and improve efficiencies in order, inventory and contract management.

CSC Developing IT Data Warehouse for BCBSA [Published: 08-04-2006]
BHI will enable all Blue Plans to capture and access clinical data derived from patient care to enhance best practices, reduce costs and improve patient safety.

Optimum Solutions Acquires Core Ops [Published: 08-04-2006]
The acquisition of Core Ops significantly expands Optimum's presence in the U.S. Midwest and adds Core Ops' business intelligence practice to Optimum's service capabilities.

Varicent Delivers Sales Performance Management [Published: 08-07-2006]
Claudia Imhoff recently spoke with Varicent’s Marc Altshuller in an exclusive interview.

Open Text Corporation to Acquire Hummingbird [Published: 08-07-2006]
Open Text Corp. will acquire all of Hummingbird’s outstanding shares.

Pep Boys Deploys SPSS [Published: 08-07-2006]
Pep Boys is using SPSS predictive analytics software to develop assortment planning models.

InterSystems to Provide CACHÉ Post-Relational Database for DOD [Published: 08-07-2006]
InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and ensemble rapid integration software.

Sand/DNA Provides CRM Analytics for Korea [Published: 08-07-2006]
Sand Technology is working with TopEnd Technology, to implement the Sand/DNA Analytics product at NHN.

Winners of Business Intelligence Network’s 2006 Data Visualization Competition Announced [Published: 08-08-2006]
Winning entries use effective visualizations of data to solve real business problems.

Certeon and Magenic form a Partnership [Published: 08-08-2006]
Magenic has joined the Certeon Partner Acceleration Program as a Systems Integration partner.

Graph Designs for Rapidly Assessing Budget Performance [Published: 08-08-2006]
The winning entry for Scenario 1 of the Business Intelligence Network's 2006 Data Visualization competition is featured, analyzed and compared.

Beautiful Evidence: A Journey Through the Mind of Edward Tufte [Published: 08-08-2006]
Edward Tufte’s latest book is both brilliant and disappointing.

Sybase Delivers Sybase IQ 12.7 [Published: 08-08-2006]
Sybase IQ 12.7 will enhance loading and ease of data migration from operational systems and analytics including additional OLAP functions.

Edge Dynamics Releases 3.5 [Published: 08-08-2006]
Edge Dynamics 3.5 delivers an enterprise class solution for financial compliance.

Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence, Part 1 [Published: 08-08-2006]
What are the implications of the top 10 BI trends for the energy sector?

Mea Culpa: What Do You Do When Mistakes Happen? [Published: 08-09-2006]
There are two basic reactions to broken processes: the defects can either be ignored or acknowledged.

A Review of the GAO’s Investigation of MEDICARE PART D Prescription Drug Plan [Published: 08-09-2006]
Inaccurate or misleading benefit information could cause seniors to choose a prescription drug plan that does not meet their needs or costs more than they should pay.

Hyperion Announces Certification Program [Published: 08-09-2006]
The Hyperion Certification Program establishes a structured process by which BPM professionals are trained and tested.

State of Oklahoma Discovers the Power of WebFOCUS and GIS [Published: 08-09-2006]
ESRI integrates geographic mapping software with Information Builders' business intelligence reporting software.

CODA Launches CODA-Control Manager [Published: 08-09-2006]
CODA-Control Manager, a finance tool to make the period-end close process faster and more controlled for users of SAP solutions.

CA Partners with MIMB [Published: 08-09-2006]
MIMB will integrate into CA’s AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler.

Intellitactics Announces the Availability of Intellitactics Security Manager Summer 2006 [Published: 08-09-2006]
Security Manager Summer 2006 introduces advanced control monitoring and reporting to enforce security policy to strengthen the protection of enterprise information.

CDC Software Partners Dashboard Enterprises [Published: 08-09-2006]
Dashboard Enterprises will support and develop CDC Software's Pivotal CRM Suite.

Retailers use HyperRoll [Published: 08-09-2006]
Retailers are using HyperRoll to optimize product profitability, increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and reduce operational costs through optimized store performance.

Medialink Partners with ClipSyndicate [Published: 08-10-2006]
Medialink will use ClipSyndicate's platform to distribute informational video clips produced for corporations and organizations.

Data Modeling and Unstructured Data [Published: 08-10-2006]
The data model has long been recognized as one of the essentials in the structured environment, but do we need a data model for the unstructured environment as well?

Proprietary Software and the Software Development Cycle [Published: 08-10-2006]
While commercial developers must juggle marketing requirements with technical needs, open source projects are subject to a different set of constraints. Is one way better than the other?

Iridium Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 08-10-2006]
Iridium Satellite has selected MicroStrategy to provide improved sales and customer data reporting, and enhanced analysis of marketing programs.

Orvis Selects Manhattan Associates' Integrated Planning Solutions [Published: 08-10-2006]
Orvis selected Manhattan Associates' Advanced Planning and Replenishment solutions to support its multi-channel supply chain.

Winners of Business Intelligence Network’s 2006 Data Visualization Competition Announced [Published: 08-11-2006]
Winning entries use effective visualizations of data to solve real business problems.

Performance Management 2.0 [Published: 08-14-2006]
Performance Management 2.0 is a natural outgrowth of core performance management, and it builds upon and leverages what is already in place.

Business Intelligence Network Announces Master Data Management Research Study [Published: 08-14-2006]
Research study, conducted by expert David Loshin, will explore the roles of data profiling, data integration and data quality in master data management.

Tradeware Global Standardizes on BusinessObjects XI on Linux [Published: 08-14-2006]
Tradeware uses BusinessObjects XI and Crystal Reports XI to analyze trading information and deliver it to clients.

Managing Risk with Knowledge Management [Published: 08-15-2006]
If you look at “risk” as a knowledge domain, many of the knowledge management practices are clearly applicable.

Information Brokers: The Missing Link? [Published: 08-15-2006]
Information brokers could play a critical role in the design and adoption of a business intelligence system.

Hummingbird Releases Hummingbird Connectivity 2007 [Published: 08-15-2006]
Hummingbird Connectivity 2007, helps organizations meet the challenges of integrating heterogeneous legacy infrastructures, while providing cost effectiveness.

JReport has Been Embedded into Actimize Case Manager 3.0 [Published: 08-15-2006]
Actimize Case Manager 3.0 is a Web-based application used by financial institutions to manage operational risk related to securities compliance, money laundering and fraud.

Hummingbird Announces the Availability of RedDot LiveServer 3.0 [Published: 08-16-2006]
RedDot LiveServer delivers personalization, contextual delivery, extended search and application integration to help organizations deliver content in context and extend their content management investment.

Whitehill Technologies Releases IStream Communicator 2.2 [Published: 08-16-2006]
IStream Communicator 2.2 provides greater integration and lower total cost of ownership.

Two Main Pillars of Operational Business Intelligence, Part 1 [Published: 08-16-2006]
The best infrastructure in the world will not deliver the desired results from an operational business intelligence application unless the very best planning and management of the project are in place and are practiced.

Hackers Steal AT&T Customer Info [Published: 08-17-2006]
Personal data was stolen by hackers over the weekend.

Avnet Unit Selects Fair Isaac [Published: 08-17-2006]
Avnet selected the Blaze Advisor system to improve scalability, reduce IT support and provide increased speed to its customer incentive application.

Staying Competitive in Today's Information-Flooded Market [Published: 08-17-2006]
Given today's level playing field, do you have confidence in your competitive differentiators?

Business Metadata – Back to Basics [Published: 08-17-2006]
Where is business metadata, and why should you find it?

Minot Selects Open Solutions [Published: 08-18-2006]
Open Solutions will provide its enterprise-wide data processing platform, The Complete Credit Union Solution.

Jaspersoft and CEC Form a Partnership [Published: 08-18-2006]
CEC will localize Jaspersoft products with Japanese language capability and provide support and training in Japan.

ServicePower Announces an Agreement with ESI [Published: 08-18-2006]
ServicePower will provide Web-based applications to manage and maintain the service dealer network.

Exeros Automates Discovery of Sensitive Data [Published: 08-21-2006]
Claudia Imhoff recently spoke with Exeros’s Alex Gorelik in an exclusive interview.

Integrating Business Intelligence into the Collaborative Workgroup Environment [Published: 08-21-2006]
It is becoming essential that business intelligence solutions be integrated into the collaborative workgroup environment.

Uniqueness, Identity, Nonidentifiability and Governance [Published: 08-21-2006]
An organization’s policies must be fully integrated and deployed as part of the master data management program, not just as an add-on.

Applix Forms Partnership with Sybase [Published: 08-21-2006]
This partnership will pair the 64-bit version of TM1 with the Sybase Risk Analytics Platform to provide enhanced real-time trade and risk analytics capabilities for advanced securities trading and risk management solutions.

HyperRoll and Actuate Announce a Technology and Marketing Agreement [Published: 08-21-2006]
Under the terms of the agreement, HyperRoll will offer a version of its product that supports the Actuate Enterprise Reporting Application Platform.

The Many Moving Parts of Governance [Published: 08-22-2006]
Establishing a governance function and organization is critical if executive management wishes to ensure tight alignment with corporate and strategic initiatives.

Using Business Intelligence to Improve Healthcare Access [Published: 08-22-2006]
Healthcare providers don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to improving access. They can use examples from other industries that have successfully used business intelligence to become more efficient, shed bureaucracy and reduce costs.

Leading Companies Fuel Growth at Kalido [Published: 08-22-2006]
Kalido's enterprise information management software powers strategic corporate initiatives at multinational organizations.

HSBC Selects Fair Isaac [Published: 08-23-2006]
HSBC will use Fair Isaac's EDM technologies to optimize decisions and boost profitability across all customer lifecycle decision points.

QUMAS Releases the QUMAS Compliance Suite [Published: 08-23-2006]
The SaaS offering provides life sciences firms an additional option when determining how to best comply with industry regulations, while efficiently managing IT resources.

What Ever Happened to Clickstream Data? [Published: 08-24-2006]
Is there gold in the clickstream creek? Maybe setting the expectations as to what can be mined and the resources it will take for mining are more rational and realistic today than they were in the past.

Hot Clicks! A Refresher on Clickstream Analysis [Published: 08-24-2006]
Now that you have the data, data warehouse, hardware and Internet infrastructure in place to support clickstream analysis, what’s next? And where will it lead?

BEA Systems Acquires Flashline [Published: 08-24-2006]
Flashline's repository will be a key component of the AquaLogic product family.

Oracle Purchases Sigma Dynamics [Published: 08-24-2006]
Oracle will acquire the intellectual property assets of Sigma Dynamics.

Extraco Banks Selects Allegiance [Published: 08-25-2006]
Allegiance provides Extraco with centrally located, Web-based solutions that facilitate the collection, management and analysis of customer feedback from the bank's more than 15 financial centers.

Hyperion has Integrated Tableau’s Visual Analysis Software [Published: 08-28-2006]
This new version of Hyperion Visual Explorer provides enhanced capabilities in predictive and statistical analytics while continuing to offer business users simplicity and ease of use.

CSC Wins Contract From State of Maryland [Published: 08-28-2006]
CSC will provide systems integration, development testing and deployment of the enhanced CHART system throughout the state.

School Districts Deploy SPSS's Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 08-28-2006]
SPSS predictive analytics software will evaluate student performance on classroom tests, as well as to help design such tests.

Oracle Delivers PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 9 [Published: 08-28-2006]
PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management is an integrated suite of analytic applications that enables organizations to drive world-class performance by aligning the right information and resources to strategic objectives.

New York City Police Department Selects Informatica [Published: 08-28-2006]
NYPD has successfully implemented enterprise data integration technology from Informatica to help power its highly successful Real Time Crime Center.

QUMAS Delivers Compliance Management [Published: 08-29-2006]
Ron Powell recently spoke with QUMAS’s Warren Perry in an exclusive interview.

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems Selects Xterprise [Published: 08-29-2006]
Under the agreement, Xterprise will use both its RFID Asset Management application – and it’s AnalytiX RFID business intelligence application for iGPS’ plastic pallet pool.

Business Intelligence and Different Cultures [Published: 08-29-2006]
When implementing business intelligence, cultural considerations may equal technical considerations in importance.

The Fallacy of a Single Version of the Truth about a Customer [Published: 08-29-2006]
Does customer data integration (CDI) imply the need for a single version of the truth about customers?

ISS Partners Joins SAS Reseller Program [Published: 08-29-2006]
As a SAS reseller, ISS Partners will promote and sell the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform.

USAID Awards BearingPoint a Contract to Provide Assistance to the GOJ [Published: 08-29-2006]
BearingPoint to provide technical assistance to the GOJ in the area of fiscal reform.

Modern Analytics Joins SAS Reseller Program [Published: 08-29-2006]
As a SAS reseller, Modern Analytics will promote and sell the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform.

TransUnion Acquires Cheque Guarantee Services [Published: 08-29-2006]
TransUnion Cheque Guarantee Services, draws on TransUnion's business intelligence capabilities and a unique high-tech system of check transaction analysis and tracking developed by CGS.

Whitehill Technologies Releases IStream Writer 1.2 [Published: 08-29-2006]
The InSystems line manages the product lifecycle from initial drafting of contract language, through regulatory approval, to sales and policy issuance.

VFA Embeds JReport into Mezzia Capital Spend Management Software [Published: 08-29-2006]
VFA employed JReport to enhance the presentation of reports with Mezzia and present complex information in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Oshyn and RedDot Announce Partnership [Published: 08-30-2006]
Oshyn will provide expert implementation and integration services for RedDot's Web CMS for mid-market organizations leveraging .NET-based platforms.

Northridge Medical Group Selects MED3OOO [Published: 08-30-2006]
MED3OOO is providing a full range of operational support to the IPA.

Texas Department of Agriculture Deploys MicroStrategy [Published: 08-30-2006]
Texas Department of Agriculture has deployed MicroStrategy to support its business intelligence initiatives.

Know What You Don’t Know But Should [Published: 08-30-2006]
The information access market is experiencing a fundamental shift because enterprises are trying to extract more value from their information assets, thus demanding more features from their search vendors. login required

Business Metadata – Getting to the Truth [Published: 08-31-2006]
What is business metadata?

Insight into Business Process Visibility [Published: 08-31-2006]
What is business process visibility – and how is it achieved?

The Rebel Bar Group Selects MICROS [Published: 08-31-2006]
The MICROS RES 3000 solution will replace the bar group's legacy, dependent till systems and will give the operator control over site-level databases for both EPOS and back office applications.

SAP Announces Global Availability of SAP xApp and SAP xRPM [Published: 08-31-2006]
SAP xRPM allows companies to automatically achieve greater transparency into projects and operations across the enterprise.