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April 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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DELTA Microelectronics Selects yieldWerx [Published: 04-03-2006]
DELTA chose to partner with yieldWerx after careful assessment of available packaged solutions.

KYOBO Life Insurance Selects IBM [Published: 04-03-2006]
IBM will provide IT skills development and IT management training services.

Microsoft's Acquisition Enriches Business Intelligence Offerings [Published: 04-03-2006]
Microsoft agrees to acquire ProClarity to enhance business intelligence and analytics capabilities.

Sun and SAS Announce Software Support for Solaris 10 on x64 Platforms [Published: 04-04-2006]
This new support for Solaris 10 on x64 servers brings a lower total cost of ownership to customers running SAS software.

Three Trends in Business Intelligence Technology [Published: 04-04-2006]
As the business intelligence marketplace matures, three trends are impacting the direction of the industry.

Team Computers Selects QlikTech [Published: 04-04-2006]
QlikTech will provide all kinds of support to customers.

Panorama Unveils Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions for SAP [Published: 04-04-2006]
This integration enables SAP BW customers to leverage their SAP data for decision making and performance management across the enterprise.

Creekpath Selects Jinfonet [Published: 04-04-2006]
Creekpath chose Java for their application development in order to meet their corporate strategy.

Iceland Foods Expands its Teradata Warehouse [Published: 04-04-2006]
Iceland Foods selected Teradata's enterprise data warehouse software and hardware package in preference to a data warehouse appliance-based proposition.

InsFocus Launches Business Intelligence System [Published: 04-04-2006]
InsFocus business intelligence enables executives and insurance professionals to define reports and perform information analyses.

SAP Announces the Acquisition of Virsa [Published: 04-04-2006]
The acquisition will deliver value by providing powerful compliance solutions that work across heterogeneous IT environments.

U.S. Department of Defense Selects Pervasive Software [Published: 04-04-2006]
DoD has selected and successfully deployed Pervasive Data Profiler and Pervasive Data Integrator.

Cardiff University Selects Percussion Software's Rhythmyx ECM System [Published: 04-04-2006]
Rhythmyx offers Cardiff University a powerful content management system enabling it to track and streamline the content authorization processes through Rhythmyx's audit trails and workflow capabilities.

American Eagle Federal Credit Union Opts for MISER Suite [Published: 04-05-2006]
MISER business intelligence helps institutions understand their members and product trends, analyze channel use and employee productivity, and improve customer profiling and target marketing.

Bank of America Global to Offer Concur On-Demand Expense Reporting Solutions [Published: 04-05-2006]
Bank of America Global Treasury Services will offer Concur's automated travel and entertainment expense reporting service to the bank's travel card clients worldwide.

Pentaho Acquires Kettle Project [Published: 04-05-2006]
The Kettle project provides comprehensive capabilities for ETL, data cleansing, and data migration, allowing organizations to turn data into business value and drive improved business performance.

Teradata Expands Partnership with Protegrity [Published: 04-05-2006]
Teradata will serve as a worldwide reseller of Defiance DPS.

Cott Selects Manugistics [Published: 04-05-2006]
Cott selected Manugistics' solutions to improve its responsiveness to market demand, reduce inventory costs and improve its supply chain efficiencies.

Business Objects Partners with ClearPeaks [Published: 04-06-2006]
Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will purse joint technical, sales and marketing activities.

Four Key Elements of E-Government [Published: 04-06-2006]
When properly and thoughtfully implemented, e-government benefits both the government and its citizens.

Bakbone Expands Partnership with Silicon Graphics [Published: 04-06-2006]
The enhanced offerings are targeted at new and existing enterprise customers, as well as high-performance users and government entities.

AppFusion and Farallon Geographics Announce Strategic Partnership [Published: 04-06-2006]
The strategic partnership will deliver a new level of integration between business intelligence and geographic information systems.

Caixa Galicia Selects Teradata [Published: 04-06-2006]
TVA is advanced analytical software that provides detailed enterprise profitability reporting and analysis for enhanced value-based decision-making.

Macys.com Selects SSA Global [Published: 04-06-2006]
SSA Outbound Marketing will allow Macys.com to enhance its customer relationships through personalized, intelligent interactions.

Census Bureau Signs Mobile Deal [Published: 04-07-2006]
Under a new deal the federal agency will distribute some 500,000 wireless handsets to government workers to help collect data for the 2010 survey.

Business Objects Introduces the Availability of Crystalreports.com [Published: 04-10-2006]
Crystalreports.com will allow mid-sized organizations to take advantage of the industries most advanced and complete business intelligence platform.

Teleran Enables Application Usage Management [Published: 04-10-2006]
Ron Powel of the Business Intelligence Network recently spoke with Teleran’s Chris Doolittle in an exclusive interview.

Fair Isaac Integrates with HP's Open Bank Architecture [Published: 04-10-2006]
HP Open Bank is an adaptive enterprise delivery framework designed to help financial services companies achieve a single, real-time customer view.

Data Technology PLC Partners with WINTERHELLER [Published: 04-10-2006]
The partnership builds on Data Technology's current relationship with IFS and other ERP vendors.

Applix and Varicent form a Strategic Partnership [Published: 04-10-2006]
The strategic partnership will provide a new sales performance management solution to help organizations improve control and analysis of sales metrics and drive increased profitability.

SPSS Enables Monterey Mushrooms [Published: 04-10-2006]
Monterey Mushrooms has incorporated SPSS technology into many of their daily operations and it has had an immediate impact on the business.

SAS and Bull Strengthen Their Partnership [Published: 04-10-2006]
Bull and SAS will enable organizations to improve their business performance and strategic management using data collected from an ERP system.

mTLD Announces Internet Address for Mobile Phones dotMobi [Published: 04-10-2006]
mTLD has developed rules and best practices, all based on open standards, for content developers and service providers.

Virgin Atlantic to Supply RFID Technology [Published: 04-11-2006]
Virgin Atlantic is the first airline in the United Kingdom to use RFID technology to track parts onsite.

StayinFront to Provide Sanofi-Aventis with ETMS [Published: 04-11-2006]
The StayinFront CRM solution will revitalize sanofi-aventis’ sales, medical and marketing operations by providing a system that will allow the company to keep up with the changing needs of its customers and the market.

Discovering Business Intelligence Using Treemap Visualizations [Published: 04-11-2006]
Using a hierarchical structure, treemaps provide meaningfully organized displays of high-volume information.

The Surest Path to Visual Discovery [Published: 04-11-2006]
Software that enables data exploration and analysis is the key to productively mining massive data resources.

Celequest Introduces LAVA [Published: 04-11-2006]
LAVA removes the barriers to widespread business intelligence adoption by layering intuitive, self-service dashboards on top of a unique architecture.

Inxight Partners with Clarabridge [Published: 04-11-2006]
The partnership provides customers with the most comprehensive suite of text processing technologies to transform unstructured content.

DataFlux Announces the Availability of DataFlux Data Quality Integration Solution 7.1 [Published: 04-11-2006]
DataFlux Data Quality Integration Solution 7.1 adds the ability to identify and correct operational inefficiencies through continual enforcement of business rules.

Claraview Introduces Claraview Retail Data Warehouse [Published: 04-11-2006]
Claraview RDW addresses the demand for near real-time retail analytics, a must for survival in the ultra-competitive retail industry.

Dow Corning Selects Cognizant [Published: 04-11-2006]
Cognizant is combining its manufacturing industry intelligence, systems expertise and global functional and technical resources to help Dow Corning build this value chain network.

Dunn Carney Allen Higgins & Tongue Selects Hummingbird [Published: 04-11-2006]
Dunn Carney Allen Higgins & Tongue selected Hummingbird to provide its attorneys with an advanced document management system.

Argencard Selects Teradata [Published: 04-12-2006]
Argencard will use Teradata technologies to develop a central enterprise data warehouse, which provides a single view of the business.

Moteiv and Bandwave Partner to Brings Wireless Technology to the Greater China Region [Published: 04-12-2006]
Bandwave will provide and service custom wireless technology solutions using Moteiv's technology to the PRC, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

SGX and OMX Strengthen Partnership [Published: 04-12-2006]
This broadened partnership serves to identify and evaluate potential opportunities for trading, clearing and processing for SGX’s market participants.

Micro Center Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 04-12-2006]
Micro Center selected MicroStrategy because of its intuitive Web interface and self-service infrastructure, which will help Micro Center quickly address the reporting needs of their business.

Complying with Financial Services Regulations [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology explains the impact of specific regulations on information availability and an overview of solutions available to develop an effective Information Availability strategy. login required

How to Solve the Shrinking Backup Window Challenge [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology Solutions Protect more data and eliminate the high cost of planned downtime. login required

The Power of Information Availability [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology explains what every senior executive should know to recover business value from unprofitable downtime. login required

BearingPoint Launches the Global Security Identity Management Center [Published: 04-12-2006]
The new Global Security Identity Management Center will allow government agencies and enterprise customers to see, touch and experience live examples of many new identity management systems and solutions.

The Power of Information Availability: What Every Healthcare IT Manager Needs to Know [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology explores how to solve downtime challenges to Patient Care, operations and HIPAA Compliance. login required

SR Telecom and MTI Announce an Agreement for the Co-Design of Advanced WiMAX [Published: 04-12-2006]
SR Telecom and MTI will further develop the advanced radio solutions for subscriber station and base station radio units for the symmetry MX WiMAX.

The One Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology Explains How to Ensure IT and Business Continuity through Downtime and Compliance. login required

Retail IT Organization Information Availability Guide [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology can solve downtime challenges and turn your business into a highly productive, nimble and profitable operation. login required

Essential Guide to Real-Time, On-Demand Information for the Right-Time Organization [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology software-based data replication solution drives value by providing simplified, on-demand enterprise-wide data sharing and right-time data integration for any business. login required

What Every IT Manager Needs to Know: Using Information Availability to Solve the Time is Money Challenge. [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology explores the costs of unplanned IT downtime and strategies that utilize information availability solutions to prevent unplanned downtime. login required

Information Availability: How to Solve Downtime Challenges to Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations [Published: 04-12-2006]
Lakeview Technology explores how the power of an information availability solution can enable your organization to immediately tap into the unused value - downtime - that exists within your IT infrastructure. login required

Cartesis Partners with Parson Consulting [Published: 04-12-2006]
Cartesis and Parson Consulting offer business and process strategies based on best practices.

Netezza Delivers Business Intelligence Initiatives [Published: 04-12-2006]
Netezza continues to provide customers with the data warehouse option that enables enterprises to make all of their data actionable – quickly, simply and affordably.

Adaptis Announces Partnership with Aperion Health [Published: 04-13-2006]
This new alliance further broadens their service offerings in the underserved small-to mid-sized BPO market.

DW2.0 and Enterprise Metadata [Published: 04-13-2006]
Three are three major components of the metadata infrastructure in DW2.0.

Business Intelligence and the Aging [Published: 04-13-2006]
Business intelligence will play a pivotal role in dealing with the ramifications of the aging of our nation’s population.

Portal to be Acquired by Oracle [Published: 04-13-2006]
Portal offers billing and revenue management solution with a modern, object-oriented architecture built on Oracle that can bill and manage all communications services.

Sri Lanka Telecom Deploys Convergys [Published: 04-13-2006]
Infinys enables true convergence and real-time marketing innovation while lowering total cost of ownership and reducing risk for service providers.

Foundations of Analytics - Ten Principles of Enterprise Analytics [Published: 04-14-2006]
This whitepaper will define analytics, contrast it to business intelligence and provide a framework to understand specific requirements of an enterprise analytics solution. login required

Beyond the Dashboard [Published: 04-14-2006]
This whitepaper explores the benefits of enabling key business processes with analytics to better support rapid analysis and leverage business user expertise. login required

ExtraQuest Revolutionizes Database Administration [Published: 04-17-2006]
Claudia Imhoff recently spoke with ExtraQuest’s Brian Staff in an exclusive interview.

Business Objects wins Innovation Award for Crystalreports.com [Published: 04-17-2006]
Crystalreports.com enables customers to securely share important business information over the Web.

The Investment in Performance Management [Published: 04-17-2006]
The resources, time and money that are required for a performance management project vary by project size and scope.

The Value of Standards in the BPM Market [Published: 04-17-2006]
The work of the BPM Standards Group benefits end users, service providers, analysts and vendors.

ERP-Link and Quantrix Partner to Deliver Business Intelligence [Published: 04-17-2006]
Together, the two tools will enable businesses to capture and use their data at a fraction of the cost of traditional tools.

Microsoft Selects Pertinence [Published: 04-17-2006]
IDEES is aimed at fostering an ecosystem of successful software companies that offer highly innovative solutions.

MedAssist Acquires Capstone Solutions [Published: 04-17-2006]
The Capstone acquisition will complement MedAssist's core service delivery while opening several new lines of business.

Oco Delivers Essential Business Visibility [Published: 04-18-2006]
Oco majik provides full information lifecycle functionality, from data integration through analysis and reporting, with complete security, scalability and flexibility.

Promoting Healthcare Business Intelligence Applications [Published: 04-18-2006]
To generate value, business intelligence applications must be embraced – and consistently used – by the user community.

Telecom Business Intelligence Marketing [Published: 04-18-2006]
A consistent approach is required to secure end-user support for business intelligence efforts.

SAS and Google Expand Business Intelligence [Published: 04-19-2006]
The combination of the Google Search Appliance with the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform will give users more information than what ordinary keyword searches would return from an initial query.

McKee Foods Upgrades to StayinFront CRM 9.3 [Published: 04-19-2006]
McKee Foods has elected to upgrade to StayinFront Consumer Goods 9.3.

BEZ Releases BEZProphet Release 1.8 [Published: 04-19-2006]
BEZProphet R1.8 extends its reach of Oracle integration to include support for memory pool analysis.

Inetsoft Technology and Align Kpital Announce Partnership [Published: 04-19-2006]
Align Kpital will integrate InetSoft’s Style Report software into its financial market focused solution, and serve as the exclusive InetSoft Value Added Reseller.

Securityplus Federal Credit Union Selects Open Solutions' Enterprise-Wide Data Processing Suite [Published: 04-19-2006]
Securityplus Federal Credit Union has selected Open Solutions' enterprise-wide data processing platform.

Viyya Technologies Acquires SaraX Software [Published: 04-19-2006]
This latest agreement would grant Viyya full ownership of the portal technology and full rights to all future revenue generated from the sale of this product.

Intellitactics Reveals Security Metrics are Executive Priority [Published: 04-19-2006]
Key survey findings emphasize that the ability to measure value requires a centralized reporting capability, presentation of information in context, and automated processes for dynamically generating the metrics.

American Savings Bank Joins NYCE Network [Published: 04-20-2006]
Metavante Payment Solutions delivers electronic money movement through an integrated payments network.

From Local Metadata to Enterprise Metadata in DW 2.0 [Published: 04-20-2006]
Several modifications need to be made as local metadata is passed to enterprise metadata.

Building the Enterprise Data Warehouse [Published: 04-20-2006]
Following is a "Letter to Bill" that Bill Inmon recently received from Ernest Chan, information architect with Kaiser Permanente's Information Technology group. Bill wholeheartedly agrees with the solution described.

Hyperion to Acquire Upstream [Published: 04-20-2006]
By adding UpStream technology to its existing BPM system, Hyperion will provide existing and new customers with a seamlessly integrated financial data quality solution.

Process - Driven Delivery: Adaptive Implementation of OMM and SDD [Published: 04-21-2006]
ExtraQuest has attained a mature model for service delivery by balancing the positive elements of OMM and SDD. login required

A Taxonomy of Data Integration Alternatives [Published: 04-21-2006]
Baseline Consulting evaluates the ongoing process of data integration. login required

Removing the Data Archive Bottleneck [Published: 04-21-2006]
SAND/DNA for SAP Business Information Warehouse. login required

Applix TM1 Enables Operational Performance Management [Published: 04-24-2006]
Claudia Imhoff recently spoke with Applix’s Dave Menninger in an exclusive interview.

Accessing and Analyzing CRM and ERP Data [Published: 04-24-2006]
Users of CRM/ERP packaged applications face a bewildering number of options when developing a business intelligence strategy.

Performance and Metrics, Chickens and Eggs [Published: 04-24-2006]
Does technology drive the business or does the business drive technology?

Cartesis Launches the OPI [Published: 04-24-2006]
The OPI is a new global partnership program created to deliver Cartesis customers with best-of-breed profitability optimization solutions.

SRC Releases Explorer Geocoder Technology [Published: 04-24-2006]
SRC’s Explorer is an open sourced geocoder that is data and country independent, enabling developers to integrate digital address databases in any country to support geocoding processes.

Cartesis Signs Partnership with EDGAR Online [Published: 04-24-2006]
Cartesis customers will now be able to feed traditionally inward-facing financial and operational management applications with external financial data from I-Metrix.

Cartesis Launches Cartesis 10 [Published: 04-24-2006]
Cartesis 10 delivers the ability to publish and consume financial information formatted as extensible business reporting language (XBRL), improved processing performance and scalability.

The Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time: Making it a Reality [Published: 04-24-2006]
A look at the unique way in which truly successful organizations view technology. With this best practice in mind, you will discover how you can achieve effective enterprise information delivery and data ETL at a small cost. login required

Aquarion Selects SAP [Published: 04-25-2006]
Aquarion will use applications from mySAP Business Suite and the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio to fuel its entire enterprise.

Calculating and Reporting Customer Profitability [Published: 04-25-2006]
Study reveals how best-practice organizations create and executive competitive customer value propositions.

Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence, Part 1 [Published: 04-25-2006]
Companies are becoming more mature in their business intelligence capabilities, but there is still much work to be done to unleash the full potential of enterprise data.

Information Builders Announces Process-Driven Business Intelligence [Published: 04-25-2006]
By combining the power of the WebFOCUS business intelligence platform with iWay SOA Middleware, organizations can now effectively address efficiency at the business-process level.

Xinjiang Telecom Implements Teradata Warehouse [Published: 04-25-2006]
The Teradata data warehouse provides powerful support to Xinjiang Telecom's decision-making and marketing re-engineering initiative.

Business Objects Launches ICM [Published: 04-25-2006]
ICM enables companies to easily link strategic plans to compensation to better align company goals with individual performance.

ClearPeaks Signed a Strategic Partnership with Siebel [Published: 04-25-2006]
ClearPeaks will provide its consulting and technology services to Siebel customers for Siebel's Analytics Application.

DataFlux Positioned in Leaders Quadrant [Published: 04-25-2006]
Through the DataFlux Data Quality Integration Solution, organizations can effectively analyze, improve and control their data.

Banks and Retail Merchants Worldwide Select GoldenGate [Published: 04-26-2006]
The GoldenGate D24 product allows bi-directional synchronization providing the the highest level of availability and immediate failover in the event of an outage.

Dakotacare Selects QlikTech [Published: 04-26-2006]
QlikView provides real-time access for Dakotacare, but allows its employees to instantly put information in the hands of its constituencies as well.

Microsoft and Hyperion Integrate Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 04-26-2006]
Users will benefit by combining reports and data from both Hyperion and Microsoft data sources into a unified enterprise view that leverages their preferred delivery and analysis tools.

Retail Benchmarks Partners with Columbus Consulting [Published: 04-26-2006]
Retailers can only improve what they can measure, with the Merchandise Planning benchmark series, Retail Benchmarks revolutionizes this process by revealing the relationships between ordinary retail measurements and the key processes that influence them.

WHITTMANHART Debuts New Banking Solution at Hyperion Global Conference [Published: 04-26-2006]
The new Web-based planning solution from WHITTMANHART and Hyperion offers relational and multi-dimensional models that give valuable insight into profitability drivers and significantly improve financial and operational performance.

LogicaCMG to Deliver Healthcare Systems to the Ministry of Defence [Published: 04-27-2006]
DMICP will be used by personnel from all three medical services and the Defence Dental Service, from peacetime use in the UK through to frontline battlefield situations.

What is Architecture? [Published: 04-27-2006]
DW 2.0, the architecture for the next generation of data warehousing, is designed to meet the information needs of the entire corporation.

Basics of Governance and Data Integration, Part II of III Governance and Data Governance [Published: 04-27-2006]
Data governance encompasses the people, corporate processes and procedures that ensure data value, quality improvement, single shared definitions and availability at the right time to the right people.

Saddle Creek Selects Xterprise [Published: 04-27-2006]
Xterprise to provide RFID solutions to Saddle Creek's customers.

Pentaho Joins MySQL Partner Program as a Gold Partner [Published: 04-27-2006]
Together, Pentaho and MySQL deliver a highly scalable, proven infrastructure for business intelligence and data warehousing applications.

Onyx Software and Cognizant Partner to Provide CRM Solutions [Published: 04-27-2006]
Cognizant will provide consulting services for Onyx implementations in rapidly growing vertical markets worldwide, including financial services and healthcare.

IQMS Announces the Availability of PLM for EnterpriseIQ [Published: 04-27-2006]
With PLM in place, manufacturers can go lean to reduce development time and costs while ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Truth About Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 04-27-2006]
This paper discusses a number of data warehouse appliance myths that have been put about by established vendors. login required

Intellitactics Raises the Bar on SIEM Value [Published: 04-28-2006]
The new release delivers an improved workflow to detect insider threats and resolve security incidents and an advanced reporting system.

Synnex Acquires Telpar [Published: 04-28-2006]
Synnex expects the acquisition to help it expand its product and knowledge offerings.

Rural Phone Competition [Published: 04-28-2006]
The FCC's decision could determine whether VoIP will be available to millions of rural residents.

Visual Mining Releases v5.0 [Published: 04-28-2006]
Version 5.0 of Visual Mining’s chart component libraries introduces three new chart types – to give developers even more charting choices.

Alltel to Offer Subscribers Unlimited Free Calls [Published: 04-28-2006]
Alltel will be able to list ten phone numbers (wireless or land line) that they want to be part of their "circle".

NICE Acquires IEX and Performix [Published: 04-28-2006]
The combined solution that will be formed by NICE Perform and the offerings of IEX and Performix constitutes a paradigm shift inhow contact center management.

Mobile Firms Reluctant to Spend Millions [Published: 04-28-2006]
The Premier League has agreed that no single broadcaster can buy all the rights, of the six TV packages that will be up for sale.