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October 2005 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Expands the use of Business Intelligence [Published: 10-03-2005]
BusinessObjects XI Release 2 offers partners innovative new capabilities.

Geac Sells its Interealty Division [Published: 10-03-2005]
Interealty will be added to First American Residential Group.

Business Objects Launches Intelligent Question [Published: 10-03-2005]
Business Objects allows anyone to intuitively ask business questions and receive correct answers.

Hamacher Acquires the Caregivers Group [Published: 10-03-2005]
The acquisition combines the capabilities of two providers in the retail healthcare market.

Siebel Data Quality Embedded IQ8 Technology from Firstlogic [Published: 10-03-2005]
The integration of Firstlogic’s IQ8 products into Siebel’s CRM solutions helps to ensure the availability of high-quality customer data.

U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center Selects SPSS [Published: 10-03-2005]
The CRC will be able to identify trends within risk-related data.

FFF Enterprises Selects Qlik View for Real-Time Business Information [Published: 10-03-2005]
QlikView enables FFF to enhance efficiency, understand and respond more quickly to changes in the supply chain.

Cognos and MapInfo Form Alliance [Published: 10-03-2005]
Cognos 8 business intelligence delivers a simplified business intelligence environment that drives high user adoption.

Friends Provident Selects Verint ULTRA Solution [Published: 10-03-2005]
Provident is deploying Verint's ULTRA solution to enhance the service it provides across 14 customer service locations in the UK.

Business Objects to Acquire Infommersion [Published: 10-04-2005]
The acquisition is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2005.

Los Angeles Unified School District Selects SAP [Published: 10-04-2005]
LAUSD will replace its 40-year-old legacy systems with mySAP ERP.

Applix Secrets of Competitive Financial Services [Published: 10-04-2005]
Analytics for Customer Profitability Analysis in Global Banking. login required

Business Objects to Buy SRC [Published: 10-04-2005]
The deal would give Business Objects more access to CFOs at companies.

First American Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 10-04-2005]
First American is expanding its deployment of MicroStrategy across the enterprise to support internal and external business intelligence applications.

Owens & Minor Select Appfluent [Published: 10-04-2005]
Owens & Minor select Appfluent Query Performance to gain better visibility into the usage of its mission critical supply chain.

Business Objects Rated Number One [Published: 10-05-2005]
Readers of intelligent enterprise selected BusinessObjects XI platform

AIG Consultants Enhances Its PATROL Program [Published: 10-05-2005]
PATROL clients are now able to browse and order services from a handheld, web-enabled device.

The First American Corporation Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 10-05-2005]
MicroStrategy to provide reporting and analytic applications that will help integrate information from separate business units.

LexisNexis Announces a Strategic Relationship with the Better Business Bureau [Published: 10-05-2005]
The relationship will enable Accurint Business users to link directly to BBB reports.

Rentrak Announces Launch of OnDemand Essentials [Published: 10-05-2005]
OnDemand Essentials Content Provider site has twelve new entertainment programming subscribers.

SAS Announces Automate Enterprise Grid Computing Capabilities [Published: 10-05-2005]
This new automated grid management capability gives grid computing users greater flexibility.

SAP and Siemens Financial Services Announce Affordable Financing [Published: 10-05-2005]
The financing offer simplifies the budgeting process.

Firstlogic Partners with Cognos [Published: 10-06-2005]
Firstlogic's IQ8 environment enables data quality practices to be incorporated across the enterprise.

Competition Fuels Business Intelligence In Government [Published: 10-06-2005]
The competition in government for the capture of the public’s approval and attention is fueled by data warehousing and business intelligence.

Short-Term Thinkers and the Data Warehouse [Published: 10-06-2005]
Although building data warehouses can be expensive, avoiding them will ultimately cost your organization more time and money.

Businesses Failing to Manage Risks [Published: 10-06-2005]
Many businesses are failing to embed a culture of risk management throughout the organization.

Baking BI into Operational Systems [Published: 10-06-2005]
Instead of treating the information available from source systems as given, BI teams should be prepared to work with the source systems to capture more and better data. Adding BI-specific data to source systems can open entirely new subject areas.

Patni and i2 enter into an Alliance [Published: 10-06-2005]
Through this alliance i2 and Patni intend to combine their data management expertise.

Herbalife Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 10-06-2005]
Herbalife employees will have vital information at their fingertips from consistent data sets.

Applix Profitability Analysis: Not the Elusive Quest for the Holy Grail [Published: 10-06-2005]
The Holy Grail of corporate performance management is profitability. login required

TM1 Teamed up with SAP [Published: 10-06-2005]
Today’s managers ERP systems lack analysis and response levels Applix explains login required

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act [Published: 10-06-2005]
Applix explains how TM1 supports compliance login required

An Insider's Guide to Business Intelligence in the Insurance Industry [Published: 10-06-2005]
How Applix Business Intelligence Helps Actuaries. login required

BPM Spells Relief [Published: 10-06-2005]
Business Performance Management Provides Unprecedented Insight. login required

Corporate Performance Management: Technology Audit [Published: 10-07-2005]
The marketplace for performance management technology is rapidly changing and evolving. login required

MedInitiatives Partners with BearingPoint [Published: 10-07-2005]
BearingPoint will utilize the healthcare analytics tools provided by MedInitiatives to develop a standardized set of quality and performance measures.

How to Ratchet Down Errors In Systems for Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting [Published: 10-07-2005]
Financial data errors can delay action when it's desperately needed login required

Applix OLAP Data Scalability [Published: 10-07-2005]
Ignore the OLAP Data Explosion at Great Cost login required

The Applix TM1 Platform [Published: 10-07-2005]
Taking Business Intelligence to a New Dimension login required

Implementing TM1 In Your Computing Environment [Published: 10-07-2005]
Applix provides what every IT executives needs to know about TM1 login required

Applix Extreme Budgeting [Published: 10-07-2005]
Pushing Excel to Its Limits...And Beyond login required

Best Practices in Business Performance Management [Published: 10-07-2005]
TDWI report series: Business and Technical Strategies login required

The Case for Business Performance Management [Published: 10-07-2005]
Business executives and business teams can make faster and better decisions with BPM. login required

Harrah's Set to Replace Caesars Business Intelligence Analytics Tools [Published: 10-10-2005]
Harrah's will replace the SPSS analytical tools used at four Caesars properties in Las Vegas.

Business Technology: Coming Soon: Transformation Upheavals [Published: 10-10-2005]
Radical overhaul is coming soon to a supply chain near you.

Business Performance Management Dashboards [Published: 10-10-2005]
Accelerating the success of your dashboard initiative—building on the experiences of others.

How Software Vendors Approach Business Performance Management Challenges [Published: 10-10-2005]
Although “Change Initiatives” can be difficult for business performance management, there are various BPM models for companies to choose from.

New Business Intelligence Tool for Sports Business [Published: 10-10-2005]
Real-time critical business insight

ADVIZOR Releases ADVIZOR 5.0 [Published: 10-11-2005]
ADVIZOR 5.0 adds predictive analytics to Visual Discovery technology.

BLAST Sequences Aid in Genomics and Proteomics [Published: 10-11-2005]
History of BLAST and the key issues surrounding its use in sequence analysis.

Enterprise Planning Helps Companies Prepare for the Future [Published: 10-11-2005]
Leveraging best practices for enterprise planning is important for today’s companies.

IAIDQ Sponsors Information Quality Conference [Published: 10-11-2005]
The IAIDQ offers information and resources for solving the perplexing problems of poor quality information.

Manor Care Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 10-11-2005]
MicroStrategy to replace its existing enterprise reporting standard.

SAIC Acquires IMAPS [Published: 10-11-2005]
SAIC also gains the ability to provide navigational aid.

BenefitPoint Integrates With Enwisen [Published: 10-11-2005]
Aptus and BrokerSource are integrated to seamlessly transfer account and benefits data between the two systems.

Applix Releases TM1 9.0 [Published: 10-12-2005]
The new features in TM1 9.0 deliver enterprise-class performance.

Yankee Group Announces New Municipal Broadband Technologies [Published: 10-12-2005]
Yankee Group’s service represents the first comprehensive solution of its kind on the market.

When is Information Quality NOT Information Quality? [Published: 10-12-2005]
The application of quality management principles is required for true information quality.

Siperian Announces New Customer Data Integration [Published: 10-12-2005]
Siperian Hub Managed Service Solution, a CDI solution deployed as a managed service.

Composite Releases CIS 3.6 [Published: 10-12-2005]
CIS 3.6 introduces a new modeling wizard that allows developers to support effectively the growing number of XML-based applications.

Saga Selects SPSS Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 10-12-2005]
Saga will use SPSS for cross-campaign optimization, allowing them to define the best offer for each individual customer.

New LGX Report Liberator+ Now Supports Microsoft Excel [Published: 10-12-2005]
The LGX Report Liberator+ Edition is a web based reporting product.

i2 Next-Generation Supply Chain Management Solution [Published: 10-12-2005]
i2 Collaborative Material Management, a solution designed to help companies reduce inefficiencies in material planning and procurement processes.

Enhanced Wireless Consortium to Enable Next-Generation Wireless [Published: 10-12-2005]
The EWC has developed a specification that is designed to enable new levels of wireless performance.

Information Builders Dedicated to Business Intelligence [Published: 10-12-2005]
Information Builders' enhanced best practices program implements the strategic utility of business intelligence.

Edifecs and Blue Cross Blue Shield Expand Agreement [Published: 10-12-2005]
The partnership to include Edifecs' entire healthcare product suite.

Payerpath and Actuate Announce Partnership [Published: 10-12-2005]
The Payerpath system enables users to address each step in the revenue cycle.

Maxis Deploys SAS [Published: 10-12-2005]
Maxis to extend its existing investment in CRM by seamlessly integrating marketing capabilities.

Harbourton Mortgage Investment Selects Cognos and Aviana Global [Published: 10-13-2005]
Cognos and Aviana Global to enable stronger reporting and analytics.

Enterprise Data Asset Inventory - Level One [Published: 10-13-2005]
This level identifies all the databases in the organization and the corresponding information regarding them.

Data Warehousing and the Near-Line Era [Published: 10-13-2005]
Companies should use near-line and archival storage.

Lloydspharmacy Expands use with MicroStrategy [Published: 10-13-2005]
Lloydspharmacy, KPIs will be used to create balanced scorecards.

Trax Retail Solutions Launches SmartStore Framework [Published: 10-13-2005]
New operating and analytics environment provides new ways to increase operations efficiency.

Nicholas Hall & Company Select firstRain On-Demand Intelligence [Published: 10-13-2005]
Nicholas Hall & Company's periodicals and news bulletins have been integrated into firstRain's on-demand intelligence.

Firstlogic Releases IQ8 [Published: 10-13-2005]
Version IQ8 8.05 brings distinctive collaboration capabilities for business and IT users.

Network Computing Magazine Awards Cognos Business Intelligence [Published: 10-14-2005]
Cognos awarded Editor's Choice honor in a comparative review of business intelligence solutions.

SRA International to Acquire Spectrum [Published: 10-14-2005]
Spectrum focuses on achieving organizational improvement through the application of enterprise solutions.

Axsellit AS and Contour form Partnership for Business Intelligence Software [Published: 10-14-2005]
Contour Components products have been added to the line of Business solutions of Axsellit AS.

Temtec Releases Executive Viewer 6.0 [Published: 10-14-2005]
Version 6.0 provides a significantly enhanced and extended infrastructure, with new features.

RFID Use in Medicine Tracking [Published: 10-14-2005]
Under the FDA proposal, RFID tags would be used on cartons and pallets of drugs throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain by 2007.

Sage Launches MAS 90 and MAS 200 [Published: 10-14-2005]
Both new 4.1 versions offer features to streamline sales order entry, increase distribution workflow productivity and increase ease of use.

PTI Releases Powerhouse [Published: 10-17-2005]
Powerhouse provides companies with a critical competitive advantage.

U.S. Army Selects SPSS Software [Published: 10-17-2005]
SPSS software to identify and correlate cyber-related attack patterns that threaten critical infrastructures.

Simple Semi-Structured Data [Published: 10-17-2005]
Simple semi-structured data has a certain degree of metadata, which makes it understandable and useful.

Business Integration: Enterprise Portal Evolution [Published: 10-17-2005]
Enterprise portals provide the business services and content required by each user within the organization.

ICICI Bank selects SAS for Business Intellligence [Published: 10-17-2005]
The SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform is a web-based solution enabling access to all users across the enterprise.

Embedding Business Intelligence [Published: 10-17-2005]
Business intelligence to help frontline workers make decisions that affect operations.

Siebel Systems Release Real-Time Predictive Analytics Solutions [Published: 10-17-2005]
Siebel Real-Time Decisions solutions enable organizations to optimize every customer interaction at the moment of contact.

Siebel Unveils Next Wave of CRM [Published: 10-17-2005]
Customer Adaptive Solutions, the next generation CRM solutions designed to eliminate the business gap between process and knowledge work.

New Success Equation for Retail Banking [Published: 10-17-2005]
Bankers are changing mindset around business models and processes.

Dendrite Launches 360° Insights [Published: 10-18-2005]
360° Insights integrates data from sales and marketing initiatives.

SAS Marketing Automation Boast Improved Performance [Published: 10-18-2005]
SAS Marketing Automation provides comprehensive data management, campaign management and advanced customer analytics in one integrated, easy-to-use solution.

A New Paradigm for Enterprise Business Intelligence [Published: 10-18-2005]
Trading in your dump trucks for cheaper, lighter pickups.

Basel II Compliance Drives the Importance of Master Data Management [Published: 10-18-2005]
Master data… reference data … semantic layer … thank you, Basel!!!

Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Development: Serious Adverse Events [Published: 10-18-2005]
This article outlines the reconciliation of serious adverse events (SAE) between segregated clinical data management (CDM) and safety systems.

Trinity Pharma Solutions Selects Spotfire [Published: 10-18-2005]
DecisionSite software to speed the delivery of fact-based market and competitive insights to its pharmaceutical sales and marketing clients.

Tableau v1.5 Offers Increased Database Support [Published: 10-18-2005]
New product advances visual analysis technology and allows users to better understand their data.

Nuheat Selects Panorama Software [Published: 10-18-2005]
Nuheat was able to create reports and analyze the findings for key financial data integral to the organization's operations.

Car-Graph Selects Infor Technology [Published: 10-18-2005]
Infor technology provides an integrated, comprehensive software solution.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services Selects Information Builders [Published: 10-18-2005]
OKDHS uses WebFOCUS to compile information and generate reports about thousands of children to help caseworkers provide better family services.

Firstlogic Releases IQ Insight 3.2 [Published: 10-19-2005]
IQ Insight 3.2 provides new capabilities to improve business.

State Agencies across Washington Select Business Objects [Published: 10-19-2005]
Program managers and finance staff can monitor data for their agency or program daily, and manage their departments more efficiently.

SAP is Embedding New Transportation Capabilities [Published: 10-19-2005]
SAP is embedding its existing transportation software with new capabilities enabling companies to sense and respond quickly in today's competitive transportation environment.

ClearForest Unveils Business Intelligence Methodology [Published: 10-19-2005]
ClearPath methodology is comprised of four overarching phases designed to help customers target specific operational areas and build out a scalable foundation of functionality.

Sane Solutions Announces Partnerships with eCommerce [Published: 10-19-2005]
These partnerships enable organizations to select best-of-breed solutions to maximize the effectiveness of their web sites.

Cogito Public Safety Intelligence [Published: 10-19-2005]
Intelligence related problems drain organization resources and lower productivity. login required

Cogito Knowledge Center Solution [Published: 10-19-2005]
New graph technology eliminates data analysis barriers. login required

Appfluent Improves Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing [Published: 10-20-2005]
Appfluent's Frank Gelbart recently spoke about improving BI and data warehousing in an exclusive interview with Claudia Imhoff.

Network Intelligence Launches Online Customer-to-Customer Community [Published: 10-20-2005]
Network Intelligence enables customers to share ideas, query solutions and discuss opportunities.

Open Source Software: It's Not (Only) About the Money [Published: 10-20-2005]
In contrast to proprietary software, open source software offers advantages for both programmers and users.

Data Warehousing Adoption for the Medical Industry [Published: 10-20-2005]
Recent technological advances allow the medical industry to use data warehousing for accessing and understanding data.

NICE Systems and SAS Sign Strategic Partnership [Published: 10-20-2005]
The joint solution improves business performance by combining customer intelligence.

MapInfo and Cognos Form Alliance [Published: 10-20-2005]
MapInfo and Cognos will jointly market and sell MapInfo's location intelligence.

Doctors and Patients Want More Data [Published: 10-20-2005]
A recent study shows importance of data cost and quality.

SAP Extends Safe Passage Program to Siebel Customers [Published: 10-21-2005]
SAP offers a stable, proven, trusted vendor alternative for customers seeking a clear path forward.

SAIC to Provide IT Support to Defense Logistics Agency [Published: 10-21-2005]
SAIC will provide first and second level helpdesk support known as “Tier 1 and Tier 2” services.

CSI to Complete a Multi-Phase Data Warehousing Initiative [Published: 10-21-2005]
CSI has deep expertise in a wide variety of technology solutions.

The Deming Business Intelligence Workout [Published: 10-25-2005]
Much like the physical therapy process, business intelligence and data warehousing can use Deming’s “Plan, Do, Study, Act” cycle for improving performance.

How Business Intelligence Can Improve Demand Management [Published: 10-25-2005]
Manufacturing companies are beginning to realize that they cannot contain the increasing need to deliver more insightful business intelligence across their supply chain operations.

Panorama Software and Newheat Sign Enterprise Agreement [Published: 10-25-2005]
Manufacturer will use BI solution for financial reporting.

Protegrity Unveils New Version of Secure.Data for Linux [Published: 10-25-2005]
End-to-End Security Solution for Linux Open Systems Platform

PMSI-Tmesys Selects MicroStrategy Web Portal [Published: 10-25-2005]
Enhanced Reporting and Analysis Capabilities

Lufthansa Selects Envision Click2Coach [Published: 10-26-2005]
Click2Coach includes a complete set of training, quality monitoring and evaluation tools to coach agents for success.

MetroValencia Selects Verint Solution [Published: 10-26-2005]
The Verint solution will enable rail operations personnel to more effectively prevent crime and create a safe environment for passengers and employees.

Siperian Hub Demonstrates High Performance CDI [Published: 10-26-2005]
Siperian Hub provides an optimal customer hub deployment that meets both current and future CDI requirements for performance and scalability.

GoldenGate Delivers Support for HP Integrity [Published: 10-26-2005]
GoldenGate's technology has been architected around three essential principles that enable customers to effectively maximize performance, accessibility and availability of data transactions.

Sarbanes-Oxley Impacts Revenue Recognition Polices [Published: 10-26-2005]
Survey reveals more than half of all public companies have modified revenue recognition policies to comply with Sarbox.

Partners has Gone Live with a New Enterprise Master Patient Index System [Published: 10-26-2005]
The ability to customize the application for Partners’ specific needs was one key element in the decision to bring EMPI system development in-house.

SAS Launches Business Intelligence Competency Center Program [Published: 10-26-2005]
The program will offer a comprehensive mix of services that will empower organizations to maximize their investment in business intelligence technology.

AEGON Direct Marketing Services Selects SAS [Published: 10-27-2005]
SAS solutions will provide ADMS with crucial customer intelligence, while helping the company consolidate its marketing systems into a single, integrated suite.

Lloyds TSB to Implement New Insurance Processing Network [Published: 10-27-2005]
Lloyds has licensed applications from SAP's Insurance solution portfolio.

Using Business Intelligence to Translate Healthcare Quality Measures into Value [Published: 10-27-2005]
Although cost is certainly a significant healthcare issue, providers must also consider the value of quality measures.

The Importance of Customer Data Integration [Published: 10-27-2005]
To establish a 360 degree view of the customer, you will need to incorporate all your customer communications in your CDI efforts.

Abrevity Releases BioData Manager Software [Published: 10-27-2005]
The first solution designed to solve mission critical file management.

SAS Announces RFID Offerings for Retail [Published: 10-27-2005]
RFID technology in retail will place unprecedented demand on the management and use of data.

Microsoft Increases Investment with Launch of New Scorecarding Software [Published: 10-27-2005]
Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 will help organizations to broadly deploy personalized scorecards to employees so they can track key performance indicators against goals.

NCR's Global RFID Initiative [Published: 10-27-2005]
The labels are intended to add efficiencies to supply chain management.

Tibco Acquires Velosel [Published: 10-27-2005]
Tibco will be able to offer a business-process-focused approach to MDM.

HSBC Implements Fair Isaac's Fraud Predictor Solution [Published: 10-27-2005]
The next-generation fraud detection solution will provide HSBC with advanced capabilities for cutting fraud losses.

Brouwerij Martens Selects Obtech [Published: 10-28-2005]
Brouwerij Martens provides its management with datamarts and performance views, enabling them to track and manage their organization’s performance.

Claraview Partners with SAP [Published: 10-28-2005]
This new partnership formalizes ongoing collaboration between the two companies to help leading enterprises in both the public and private sector.

Supreme Court Could Prohibit U.S. BlackBerry Service [Published: 10-28-2005]
There is a possibility that a lower court could prohibit RIM from providing BlackBerry service or selling the handheld devices in the United States.

Enkeboll Selects Omniture [Published: 10-28-2005]
Enkeboll now has the tools to improve decision-making and maximize its online channel.

Management Information Tools Introduces MITS [Published: 10-28-2005]
MITS Report is designed to be fast, resulting in a true interactive reporting experience.

Purisma Expands Strategic Relationship with Informatica [Published: 10-31-2005]
Informatica PowerCenter provides enterprise data integration that enables organizations to access and integrate data from any system.

Asigra Provides Multiple Layers of Protection [Published: 10-31-2005]
Asigra’s agentless enterprise-class backup and recovery solution features 256-bit protection.

Hotwire.com Selects Percussion Software's Rhythmyx ECM [Published: 10-31-2005]
Rhythmyx will enable Hotwire to respond more quickly to changes in product availability.

Peabody Selects SixNet [Published: 10-31-2005]
SixNet Business Intelligence System to support its performance improvement initiatives.

Intelligent Solutions and BI Research Team up to Extend the Corporate Information Factory [Published: 10-31-2005]
CIFe the practical and proven framework that shows companies how to successfully build an enterprise-wide information infrastructure.

Juneau Police Department Selects Business Objects [Published: 10-31-2005]
Juneau Police Department can now have secure access to the most current information needed to perform their jobs more effectively.

Angoss Releases KnowledgeSTUDIO 5 [Published: 10-31-2005]
KnowledgeSTUDIO offers superior ease of use and performance benefits over traditional statistical tools.

QlikTech Releases QlikView 7.2 [Published: 10-31-2005]
QlikView 7.2 brings enterprise-scale analysis to the desktop.