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May 2005 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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IBM Moves Aggressively Into Healthcare [Published: 05-02-2005]

Five Healthcare Joint Venture Scenarios Facing New Antitrust Reporting Rules [Published: 05-02-2005]

Blue Cross Ranks Hospitals in Tiers [Published: 05-02-2005]

DataFlux Builds Data Quality into Data Integration with Version 7.0 [Published: 05-02-2005]

Greenplum Launches to Bring Open Source to Enterprise-Class Business Intelligence [Published: 05-03-2005]
Company Blends Open Source and Commodity Computing to Make Enterprise Data as Available to Business Users as Web Data is to Consumers.

Managing Master Data for Business Performance Management [Published: 05-03-2005]
Defining master data management and exploring scenarios and issues gaining attention from IT and business managers. login required

The Future of Business Intelligence from Hyperion [Published: 05-03-2005]
An understanding of performance is needed to make better and more informed decisions in the future. login required

IPEDO's Guide to Enterprise Information Integration [Published: 05-03-2005]
A glimpse into a new technology that allows companies to combine data from disparate sources into a single application. login required

New Bioinformatics Channel Launched by Business Intelligence Network and RMC Biosciences [Published: 05-03-2005]
The new Bioinformatics Channel will provide timely information about the industry and its far-reaching role.

Applix Business Performance Management Platform Helps Financial Processes [Published: 05-04-2005]
New TM1 Financial Consolidations Application and Additional TM1 Components Address All Key Aspects of Financial Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Analysis.

DataMirror Announces Technology Partnership with Business Objects [Published: 05-04-2005]
Partnership Delivers Comprehensive Real-Time Business Intelligence Solutions.

Strong Partnerships Complement SAS’ Business Intelligence Success [Published: 05-04-2005]
Market Leadership in BI and Top Partners Offer SAS Customers the Best of the IT World.

Cognos Appoints Curtis Gekle Senior Vice President, Americas Field Operations [Published: 05-04-2005]

Nanotechnology Basics Defined [Published: 05-05-2005]
Nanotechnology is the next big thing.

Conventional Wisdom [Published: 05-05-2005]
The collective path may lead you astray.

ADVIZOR Solutions Supports Compliance Standards [Published: 05-05-2005]
Bolsters HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Six Sigma and 21 CFR Part 11 Initiatives.

Business-Intelligence Software Pays Off For Sears [Published: 05-06-2005]

Applix UK Expands Client Base For Business Performance Management Solution [Published: 05-06-2005]
Channel Partners Deliver More New Customers for Applix TM1; For Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Analytics.

Business Objects Data Integrator Provides Trusted Information [Published: 05-06-2005]
Business Objects Delivers 40 Percent Year-Over-Year Growth in Data Integration License Revenue with Nearly 100 Customers Transactions in Q1 2005.

The Incomplete History of Integration [Published: 05-09-2005]
It is important to address the other half of financial systems integration processes.

Business Performance Management—What are the Real Benefits? [Published: 05-09-2005]
Solid evidence as to the rewards that can be gained by implementing a business performance management system.

Blue Cross Wants Patient Files Online for TennCare Docs [Published: 05-09-2005]

SPSS Launches Breakthrough Version of Market Research Platform [Published: 05-09-2005]
Supports Entire Survey Cycle.

IBM to Launch Prototype of Health Information Network [Published: 05-09-2005]
IBM is developing a test system to enable hospitals, healthcare agencies and consumers to share data electronically, reported ComputerWorld.

Groundbreaking Pay-for-Performance Project Reports Quality of Care Improvement [Published: 05-09-2005]

Including EDMS in IT Strategies Gains in Popularity [Published: 05-09-2005]
The Rising Adoption of CIS and Storage Systems to Meet HIPAA Regulations will Drive CIO’s to Include Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) in Their IT Strategy.

KBV Awards QlikTech Largest German Business Intelligence Project Ever [Published: 05-09-2005]
QlikTech, Intel, Microsoft and HP Collaborate to Deliver Revolutionary Solution Specifically Designed for 64-Bit Architecture.

Bioinformatics in Computer-Aided Drug Design [Published: 05-10-2005]
How Bioinformatics tools support drug research.

IBM Acquires Gluecode Software [Published: 05-10-2005]
Acquisition Builds On IBM Support For Open Source Technology; Expands Customer And Business Partner Choice For WebSphere Software.

Proteomics Brings Researchers Closer to Understanding Microbes [Published: 05-11-2005]

Genomics: Major Advance Made on DNA Structure [Published: 05-11-2005]

Ipedo Expands Relationship with Business Objects [Published: 05-11-2005]
Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Platform Unifies Data Sources; Enhances Reporting.

The Evolution of Marketing Analytics [Published: 05-12-2005]
Technology can play a role with the current challenges in marketing analytics.

Real-Time Data Warehousing—The Value of the ODS [Published: 05-12-2005]
The relationship between the local and global ODS.

Oracle Delivers PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 8.9 [Published: 05-12-2005]
Modular Deployment and Streamlined Architecture Help Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

U.S. Group Launches Online Medical Record Program [Published: 05-13-2005]

Gingrich, Clinton Collaborate on Healthcare Bill [Published: 05-13-2005]

The Real Story on EHR Stories [Published: 05-13-2005]

Emerging ASP Model Targets Health Records [Published: 05-13-2005]

The Impact of Microsoft on the Enterprise Business Intelligence Market [Published: 05-16-2005]
What does Microsoft have to offer?

Customer Retention and Benford’s Law [Published: 05-16-2005]
Should we question the approaches that are currently being taken to develop our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs?

SPSS Predictive Analytics Helps Texas Recover $400 Million in Unpaid Taxes [Published: 05-16-2005]

The Hype and the Reality of Business Intelligence Software: Part One [Published: 05-17-2005]
This is a two-part series highlighting the eight basic questions you should ask yourself.

Compliance: A Critical Strategy for Success [Published: 05-17-2005]
Retooling IT for compliance: unified performance objectives will help you succeed.

Pragmatic Solutions Inc. Announces Syspedia Software’s Debut [Published: 05-17-2005]

BowStreet Introduces Sales and Executive Dashboard Solutions [Published: 05-17-2005]

New Clareos Kit Offers Scalable, Easy-to-Use Data Analysis Environment [Published: 05-17-2005]

Business Intelligence Network Launches BEYESearch Search Engine [Published: 05-17-2005]
BEYESearch is the only directory to specifically serve the business intelligence community.

Ipedo Releases New Version of Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Platform [Published: 05-18-2005]
Ipedo XIP 4.0 Provides Integration Across Broadest Range of Data and Content with New Dual-Core Query Architecture.

KnowledgeSEEKER 5.0 Launches at Wilshire Meta Data Conference [Published: 05-18-2005]

Netezza Expands Product Line [Published: 05-18-2005]
Data Warehouse Appliance Pioneer Extends Product Family Performance and Functionality; Introduces the NPS 10000 Series.

SAP Teams with HP and Intel [Published: 05-19-2005]
New Technology Eliminates Old Tradeoff Between Flexibility and Performance to Optimize Query Response Times and Productivity for Knowledge Workers.

Business Objects Broadens Participation in IBM'S ISV Advantage Initiative [Published: 05-19-2005]
Expands Participation Via Three European Markets and New Retail Focus in North America to Help Small Businesses Implement Business Intelligence.

SAS Makes Strides with New Software [Published: 05-19-2005]
SAS OpRisk Monitor Automates Process of Managing Internal Risk Through Single System.

SYSPRO Releases New Business Intelligence Solution [Published: 05-19-2005]

Compact Solutions: Silver Sponsor at the Wilshire Meta-Data Conference/DAMA International Symposium [Published: 05-19-2005]

The International Oracle Users Group Announces 2005-2006 Board of Directors [Published: 05-19-2005]

MicroStrategy Platform Selected by Finansbank for Financial Reporting and Analysis [Published: 05-19-2005]

Kalido and Business Objects Offer Faster, Tighter Business Intelligence [Published: 05-19-2005]

Tensoft and Temtec Partner to Bring Self-Service Analytics [Published: 05-19-2005]
OEM Partnership Provides Enterprise Business Intelligence to a Growing Microsoft Business Solutions.

Record Retention vs. Being a Packrat [Published: 05-20-2005]
Proper record retention policies require saying goodbye to the past.

The Hype and the Reality of Business Intelligence Software: Part Two [Published: 05-20-2005]
This article highlights the remaining questions that must be asked in Order to avoid disappointment with business intelligence software employed as part of your CRM efforts.

Tableau Software Lands Global OEM Deal with Hyperion [Published: 05-20-2005]
Business Performance Management Software Provider Adds Visual Analysis to its Business Intelligence Platform.

Health IT Winners Are Familiar Names [Published: 05-20-2005]

Mormon Records Aid Medical Understanding [Published: 05-21-2005]
morman, genealogical records, medical files, ibm, databases, business intelligence, bi

Frost & Sullivan Award Recognizes Teradata's Technology Leadership [Published: 05-23-2005]

Navy Computer Incident Response Team Wins SAS Award [Published: 05-23-2005]

Integration Competency Center: An Implementation Methodology [Published: 05-23-2005]

Applix Ranked 18th in The Boston Globe 100 Annual List Of Best- Performing Businesses [Published: 05-23-2005]

Information Builders Develops BI Tool For The Insurance Industry [Published: 05-23-2005]

Panorama Software Announces General Availability of Panorama 4.5 [Published: 05-23-2005]
Panorama 4.5 Extends Functionality and Delivers Bottom Line Results for Customers.

Claraview President and CEO Sid Banerjee Named Finalist For Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2005 Award [Published: 05-23-2005]
Claraview Announces President and CEO Sid Banerjee as a Finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2005 Award. The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Recognizes Outstanding Entrepreneurs who are Building and Leading Dynamic and Growing Bu

Central Government Auditors, National Audit Office Choose Applix TM1 [Published: 05-23-2005]

Retail Business Intelligence Extranets—Collaborating with Suppliers [Published: 05-24-2005]
This is the first article in a two-part series discussing a business intelligence extranet.

Retaking Control of IT [Published: 05-24-2005]

Service Integrity Delivers Instant Insight for Enterprise SOA [Published: 05-24-2005]

SRC Continues to Set Industry Standard for Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 05-24-2005]

SPSS Launches Predictive Analytics Solution for Fighting Insurance Fraud [Published: 05-24-2005]

ASMI to Host Their Event of the Year [Published: 05-24-2005]

Business Objects Awarded Blanket Purchase Agreement [Published: 05-25-2005]

Riskclick Unveils New Comprehensive Underwriting System [Published: 05-25-2005]

Netezza Launches Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods Division [Published: 05-25-2005]

Panorama Software Signs Enterprise Agreement With AGL Resources [Published: 05-25-2005]

Rules Prompt Pfizer to Consolidate CMS [Published: 05-25-2005]

Microsoft Releases Two New Products To Support Retail And Hospitality [Published: 05-25-2005]

Developing an Executive for the Future [Published: 05-26-2005]
From large company to small company and back—you learn and grow!

The Maturing of Federal Business Intelligence Practices [Published: 05-26-2005]
Progression of business intelligence in the federal government.

Business Objects to Enable High-Performance Business Intelligence for Retailers [Published: 05-26-2005]

AIS AllocationXpert Tackles Retailers' Biggest Merchandising Challenges [Published: 05-26-2005]

IBM Technology Enables Privacy-Enhancing, Anonymous Data Sharing and Correlation [Published: 05-26-2005]

Syntel Celebrates 25th Anniversary in IT Services [Published: 05-26-2005]

Monarch Data Pump V8 Automatically Extracts and Delivers Data [Published: 05-26-2005]

Netezza and QuantiSense Break Cost Barriers for Retail Warehousing [Published: 05-26-2005]

VoIP Strategy Positions Microsoft to Compete in Telecom Market [Published: 05-27-2005]

Hyperion and Teradata Partner for Profitability [Published: 05-27-2005]

Resort Hits the Jackpot with SAS [Published: 05-27-2005]

Raytheon Awarded Intelligence System Contract [Published: 05-27-2005]

Insurance and Healthcare Solutions Using Rx Database Technologies [Published: 05-27-2005]

The Home Depot Powers Tech Strategy with SAP [Published: 05-27-2005]

BEZ Enters the Future with Predictive Performance Management [Published: 05-27-2005]
Business Intelligence Network interviews BEZ VP Randy Arseneau and learns about cutting-edge predictive technology.

Amazon.com Deploys Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance [Published: 05-27-2005]
Leading online retailer selects the Netezza Performance Server system to power clickstream data analysis.

FastChannel to Introduce Integrated Intelligence [Published: 05-28-2005]

Insurance and Healthcare Solutions Using Rx Database Technologies [Published: 05-30-2005]

Available RSS Feeds For Fresh, Updated Content On Your Site [Published: 05-30-2005]

Dual Role for Gene Regulator [Published: 05-30-2005]

Shared Computing Grid Cuts Data Mountains Down To Size [Published: 05-30-2005]

Protein Helps Regulate the Genes of Embryonic Stem Cells [Published: 05-30-2005]