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June 2005 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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ProClarity to Showcase SQL Server 2005 Migration at Microsoft Tech Ed Conference [Published: 06-01-2005]
Company will highlight best practices for adoption of new Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform.

DataMirror Announces Client Wins for PointBase Java Database [Published: 06-01-2005]
Broad use of embedded database demonstrates strong positive momentum.

Firstlogic Names Global Channel Partner Manager [Published: 06-01-2005]
Walter Wijn, formerly with SAS, brings local knowledge, expertise and support to Firstlogic's European distributors, customers and partners.

Firstlogic Names Powerdata Ibérica Distributor for Data Quality Solutions [Published: 06-01-2005]

Clareos CrossCut Technical White Paper [Published: 06-01-2005]
This white paper introduces the architecture and feature set of Clareos CrossCut, a Fast Query Database software platform for interactive data analytics, multi-dimensional analysis and standard reporting. login required

Beyond BI: Building intelligence into your operational decisions [Published: 06-01-2005]
Enterprise Decision Management differs from traditional BI because it is focused on the execution of decisions and actions rather than reporting. login required

DataMirror Introduces Dynamic ODS Business Solution [Published: 06-02-2005]
New business solution continuously feeds operational data stores without affecting performance of production systems.

Teradata Completes SAP BW 3.5 UDC Integration Certification [Published: 06-02-2005]
Combination of technologies responds to customer demands.

Analyst Firm Identifies Security Gaps in VoIP Networks [Published: 06-02-2005]
Calls on VoIP security alliance (VOIPSA) to create security certification.

Sun Microsystems to Acquire StorageTek for $4.1 Billion [Published: 06-02-2005]
Transaction joins technology leaders with nearly 60 years of combined experience in mission-critical environments.

FFF Enterprises Uses Data Tool to Speed Delivery of Plasma Products [Published: 06-02-2005]
Intentia Business Performance Warehouse helps reduce overhead and improve bottom line.

ASG Introduces Solution for Service-Oriented Architecture 'SOA' [Published: 06-02-2005]
SOA starter kit enables enterprises to quickly understand service-oriented applications.

HHS Still to Define Next Health IT Steps: GAO [Published: 06-03-2005]

Healthcare Needs a DNS for Patients [Published: 06-03-2005]

Quality Time: Physicians Should Lead Outcomes Improvement [Published: 06-03-2005]

Jinfonet Software Expands European Operations [Published: 06-03-2005]
Jinfonet Software expands operations through a strategic alliance with an Italian IT company.

DM Review Executive Vanishes in Vancouver, BC [Published: 06-03-2005]

HUB Distributing Selects Retek Merchandising, Business Intelligence Solutions for Its Fashion Retail Chains Retail, business intelligence [Published: 06-06-2005]

Business Objects Announces BusinessObjects XI Built for Operational BI [Published: 06-06-2005]

Composite Applications Views Unlock Data from SAP and Siebel [Published: 06-06-2005]

Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for 2005 Revisited [Published: 06-07-2005]
This is the first article in a two-part series revisiting the top trends for business intelligence and data warehousing.

Business Intelligence: Determining Your Data Integration Needs [Published: 06-07-2005]
When do you need data integration?

SPSS Boosts Predictive Analytics Leadership [Published: 06-07-2005]
SPSS technology significantly expands organizations’ analytical options.

MicroStrategy Tops Peer Group as Preferred Business Intelligence [Published: 06-07-2005]

Intelligenxia Partners with immixTechnology [Published: 06-07-2005]
Agreement enables intelligenxia to speed the procurement of its products by government agencies.

Security a Priority as Banks Increase IT Spending, Study Says [Published: 06-07-2005]

QlikTech’s QlikView Business Analysis Software Selected by Pergo [Published: 06-07-2005]

Pro-SAAP Solutions Chooses LogiXML Reporting [Published: 06-08-2005]
Pro-SAAP solutions integrates LogiXML’s LGX report as the reporting engine for Pro-SAAP’s web-based publishing industry solutions.

Info-Tech Research Group Study Shows Server Investment High at Banks [Published: 06-08-2005]

Apple Shifts to Intel: Big Change—No Impact [Published: 06-08-2005]
Apple’s move to Intel-based processor architecture starting in 2006 will have no material impact on IT plans or projects, believes IT-analyst firm Info-Tech Research Group.

BI, Operational Ties Tightening [Published: 06-08-2005]
New developments in software are strengthening ties between business intelligence applications and business processes in operational applications.

DataMirror Partners with QCL Technologies to Expand Reach in Ireland [Published: 06-08-2005]
Partnership delivers real-time data integration and regulatory compliance solutions.

Different Phases [Published: 06-09-2005]
We’ve reached the analytical phase of our industry—we need to make it work.

Journey into Nanohousing—Information Integration of the Future [Published: 06-09-2005]
DNA computing power provides the futuristic look into information integration for the Nanotech world.

On Lok Selects Business Objects XI Over Cognos [Published: 06-09-2005]

Microsoft Ranked No. 1 Business Intelligence Vendor [Published: 06-09-2005]

Geac Publishes Findings of Research Study [Published: 06-09-2005]

In Memory to our Friend and Colleague David Koch [Published: 06-09-2005]

Pentaho Open Source Business Intelligence Platform [Published: 06-09-2005]
This white paper describes the Pentaho Business Intelligence Platform: a solution-oriented framework that integrates Open Source applications and open standards with a process-driven engine. login required

The Where of Business Intelligence [Published: 06-09-2005]
Reach is a critical component for PBI not only with regard to information, but also analytic tools. Architects must provide a seamless integration of technology that offers a broad range of reporting and analysis. login required

Vanguard Introduces Best Practices for Bottom-Line Impact [Published: 06-10-2005]
Vanguard Solutions and Ventana Research identify success factors for mid-sized businesses; highlight ROI with customer case studies.

Business Intelligence Market to Grow at 29 Percent [Published: 06-10-2005]

APEX Moves Beyond BI with SAS [Published: 06-10-2005]
SAS Enterprise BI Server answers complex questions throughout the organization.

Why Real Companies Choose Business Performance Management as a Path to Solve Business Challenges [Published: 06-13-2005]
It’s clear that today’s companies urgently want business performance management for planning and budgeting.

Business Performance Management: Build vs. Buy [Published: 06-13-2005]
Because of the unique nature of business performance management the make vs. buy decision will continue to be pertinent.

Palladium Group Eyes Opportunity, Faces Challenges [Published: 06-13-2005]

New Products: Systems [Published: 06-13-2005]

SPSS Significantly Upgrades Business Intelligence [Published: 06-13-2005]

ProClarity Teams with Microsoft to Extend Comprehensive Scorecard Application [Published: 06-13-2005]

RLPTechnologies Selects DataFlux to Build Automotive Information [Published: 06-13-2005]

Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for 2005 Revisited: Part Two [Published: 06-14-2005]
We continue our look at how the top trends for business intelligence and data warehousing are playing out in financial services for 2005.

Bioinformatics Tools for Gene Sequence Analysis [Published: 06-14-2005]
Newly discovered genetic information presents challenges for data analysis.

Frost & Sullivan Honors SAS Health and Life Sciences [Published: 06-14-2005]

RealEC Fully Automates Lender Closing Processes [Published: 06-14-2005]

Fuji Xerox Information Systems Partners with Covansys to Develop Data Warehousing [Published: 06-14-2005]

Cartesis Group to Acquire INEA Corp. [Published: 06-14-2005]
Introduces a unique common business performance management infrastructure.

Conversion Services International Announces Data Quality Competency Center Offering [Published: 06-15-2005]
Proven solution helps businesses minimize risks and costs associated with flawed data; free white paper available to assist corporate decision makers.

Integration Architectures [Published: 06-16-2005]
The competitive advantage gained from multiple systems integrated into a single architecture is often invaluable to the strategic initiatives of the organization.

Capacity Planning: Whatever Happened to Predictability? [Published: 06-16-2005]
Capacity planning can manage unpredictability but not eliminate it.

A New Perspective on Data Warehouse Architectures [Published: 06-16-2005]
The emergence of important new appliance technologies promises new efficiencies and economies of scale that couldn’t be envisioned five years ago when Unix servers were all the rage. login required

Sarbanes-Oxley – What were the Legislators Thinking? [Published: 06-16-2005]
Surviving the impact of compliance on your data warehouse. login required

Atlantic Health System to Rev Up Balanced Scorecard with SAS [Published: 06-16-2005]
SAS Performance Management for Healthcare delivers insight, alignment.

Data Warehousing: New Requirements Lead to New Approaches [Published: 06-16-2005]
Data warehouse appliances emerge. login required

Innovators to Speak at SAS Healthcare Executive Conference [Published: 06-16-2005]
Experts to highlight novel strategies in healthcare performance management, fraud prediction, disease management and predictive analytics.

CSC Signs New $62 Million IT Services Contract With Anglian Water [Published: 06-16-2005]

New Technologies for Top CIO Challenges [Published: 06-16-2005]
CIOs face shifting priorities and business issues every year. The list of challenges gets longer and longer. Data warehouse appliances have added another effective tool to the many components that are available to CIOs. login required

Solving the Load/Query Conundrum in Dimensional Design [Published: 06-16-2005]
The solutions and approaches to resolving the load/query conundrum. login required

Bolt-On Strategies for Improving Data Warehouse Performance [Published: 06-16-2005]
Every IT Organization with a successful data warehouse will eventually find itself considering how to improve query performance. A new less disruptive and less costly alternative is to employ a bolt-on capable hardware and software solution. login required

Reducing the TCO of Business Intelligence [Published: 06-16-2005]
The growing size of the BI user community has led to demands for new and improved BI applications and capabilities. login required

Categorizing Data Warehouse Performance Technology [Published: 06-16-2005]
It’s easy to become confused about the vast array of data warehouse performance technology. This article will attempt to clarify some of the confusion. login required

The Value of Significantly Improved Analytic Price/Performance [Published: 06-16-2005]
This paper explores the changing role of data analysis from passively understanding what is happening, to actively impacting it. login required

Market Shifts and Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 06-16-2005]
Every Successful Technology Sows the Seeds of its Own Demise. login required

A Fresh Look at Data Warehouse Technology [Published: 06-16-2005]
Introducing the Data Warehouse Appliance. login required

The Business Case for Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 06-16-2005]
While data warehouses originally solved a problem that had only been addressed with custom programming – namely the access of business information for the purpose of analysis – they are nevertheless a challenge to acquire and maintain. login required

VoIP Taxes: Who to Pay? [Published: 06-17-2005]
It's a world where VoIP providers can only guess which state, county or town will tax them.

Millions is Raised for Wireless Venture [Published: 06-17-2005]
A start-up that makes equipment used to deliver high-speed Internet access to homes over wireless networks plan to raise $50 million.

Providers Face Obstacles to Change [Published: 06-17-2005]
Service providers that leave their employees behind will soon find themselves behind the leaders.

Costs of Healthcare Drag America Down [Published: 06-20-2005]

Enterprise Data Warehousing and Analytics [Published: 06-20-2005]

Half Billion Dollars a Year Proposed for Health IT [Published: 06-20-2005]
New legislation proposes awarding a half billion dollars a year for health IT—half in grants, half in loans.

Data Integration: Record Linkage and Master Data [Published: 06-20-2005]
In determining record linkage within large-scale data integragion projects we must address some basic principles with regard to scalability and performance.

The Role of Open Source in Enterprise Portals [Published: 06-20-2005]
When evaluating open-source solutions there are four main areas to consider: features provided, development effort, product cost and support.

Taming the Jungle: Effective SOX Controls for IT Operations [Published: 06-20-2005]

Panorama Software Announces Strategic Position With RFID Services Platform. [Published: 06-20-2005]
Panorama tapped as a key Microsoft bi partner to participate in RFID technology development

Microsoft, BT Go Item-Level with RFID Tagging [Published: 06-21-2005]
The software company and the telecom firm will be working together to provided radio frequency ID as a managed service to the retail sector.

Leading Brazilian ISP Gains Customer Insight with SPSS [Published: 06-21-2005]

The Pressures on Business Objects and Cognos [Published: 06-21-2005]

Tech's Idle Billions [Published: 06-21-2005]
The sector's companies are minting money. Now they need to start spending some to create new technologies, products and markets

Business Objects, Edgar Online, and Ipedo Deliver Intelligence Solution [Published: 06-21-2005]
Joint solution raises the bar for bi innovation and helps companies accelerate the use of financial information for business intelligence.

Achieving Business Intelligence Query Performance [Published: 06-21-2005]
Mcknight Associates explores new technologies and software for indexing that accentuate the positive qualities of indexing, while minimizing the negative aspects. login required

RightOrder Performance Management [Published: 06-21-2005]
Making the improvement once the problem has been identified. login required

QueryEdge improves performance/scalability of business-critical applications [Published: 06-21-2005]
A technical introduction to improving the performance of query-intensive applications using breakthrough indexing technology. login required

Netezza Launches Federal Division [Published: 06-22-2005]
Company taps data warehousing industry veteran as general manager of Washington, D.C.—area office.

Allen & Overy LLP Select LegalKEY Practice Support [Published: 06-22-2005]
LegalKEY Records Management offers global law firm a single interface for managing all electronic and physical information related to a client/matter file, regardless of source of origin

Credit Card Breach Exposes Limits of Current Privacy Legislation [Published: 06-22-2005]

GoldenSource and FT Interactive Data Pioneer Standard Data Delivery Across the Financial Enterprise [Published: 06-22-2005]
The first to promote standard data delivery format.

Charbo Tapped to Become DHS CIO [Published: 06-22-2005]

Launching a Corporate Glossary [Published: 06-23-2005]
A case study for the development of a corporate glossary that sets the stage for intelligent search and real knowledge management.

Corporate Information Factory: Data Redundancy [Published: 06-23-2005]
Examine the foundations of the Corporate Information Factory and its related project-based data stores and you will find a minimal amount of data redundancy.

No Real Bucks for Real ID [Published: 06-23-2005]
States bristle at lack of funding for new driver's license requirements.

Debate Over Dollars [Published: 06-23-2005]

Health Savings Accounts Build More Than Just Deposits [Published: 06-23-2005]
Premier core banking software from fiserv offers financial institutions other profitable advantages.

Actuate BIRT Receives ''Ready for IBM Rational Software'' Validation [Published: 06-23-2005]

GreenPoint Announces OEM Agreement with Bowstreet [Published: 06-23-2005]

Angoss Releases KnowledgeSEEKER 5.0 [Published: 06-24-2005]
Moving data profiling and decision tree analysis into the mainstream.

Data Management Group Strengthens Team [Published: 06-24-2005]
Combining a strong BI organization with a forcible SAP practice.

HBOS Improves Supplier Risk Management [Published: 06-24-2005]
Latest phase of one of the financial sector’s largest and most successful supplier relationship management (SRM) systems helps safeguard bank’s interests.

Lakeview Technology's H.A. Clusters and EchoStream FS Support SCO's OpenServer [Published: 06-24-2005]
Disaster recovery solutions protect data and applications and offer seamless business continuity.

EDGAR Online Announces I-Metrix Vision, New Integrated Data Visualization Product [Published: 06-24-2005]

Transportation Security Administration Implements MicroStrategy Software [Published: 06-25-2005]

Telecommunications Business Intelligence Beliefs [Published: 06-27-2005]
Business Intelligence has become a strategic directive within the telecommunications industry.

EWSolutions Adds New Vice President of Professional Services [Published: 06-27-2005]
Summary: Michael Jennings, formerly with Hewitt Associates, joins EWSolutions.

CSC Expands IT with Raytheon [Published: 06-27-2005]
Raytheon will manage the area of applications development and maintenance.

CSC Listed in Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing 2005 [Published: 06-27-2005]
Service providers are positioned in the Magic Quadrant based on formal presentations by participating vendors.

Yamagata Bank Selects SPSS [Published: 06-27-2005]
Japan's Yamagata bank selects SPSS to enhance its credit system; by developing SPSS in all its branches.

Theoris, Inc. and Plumtree Software Team [Published: 06-27-2005]
Enterprise wide information is precisely dissected with the combination of Portal and next-generation BI technology

The Continual Rise of Medicaid Costs: The Challenges [Published: 06-28-2005]
Medicaid is the second-biggest and fastest-growing category of state spending.

QlikView is DeLuca Homes' choice for business analysis software [Published: 06-28-2005]
Home builder deploys QlikTech solution for fast access to critical business information

Population is Spending More in Healthcare [Published: 06-28-2005]
More Americans will be unable to afford their health insurance.

DataJungle unleashes BI software program [Published: 06-28-2005]
Partners extend Microsoft SharePoint projects with seamlessly integrated dashboards and powerful BI capabilities

Healthcare Research and Business Intelligence [Published: 06-28-2005]
One of the best business intelligence applications for healthcare organizations is the patient registry repository. This one application provides both clinical value and business value.

Baby Boomers Plan for Retirement [Published: 06-28-2005]
Everyone differs on what to do after retirement.

Cognos To Enhance its Certification Program [Published: 06-28-2005]
Two distinct offerings provide a foundation for technical, product, management and customer relations sills.

New Software 'Does Everything' [Published: 06-28-2005]
Software that can handle everything.

BearingPoint Cited Digitization as a Key Area of Improvement [Published: 06-29-2005]
Content management to digitize data and eliminate paper-based processes.

Robert Carlson Has Been Named President and CEO of Intelligenxia [Published: 06-29-2005]
Former Vice President and General Manager of IBM WebFountain, to help drive analytic software solutions company.

Firstlogic Scores a Positive Rating [Published: 06-29-2005]
Firstlogic honored with the highest rating given to a data vendor.

Ipedo Has Integrated its Ell to Support Teradata [Published: 06-29-2005]
The joint venture will provide Teradata customers with broader data access.

Best Practices Unveiled for Healthcare Industry [Published: 06-29-2005]
TransUnion demonstrates how new technologies have brought significant benefits to the industry.

IDX Systems Corp. to Showcase Revenue Cycle Management Solutions [Published: 06-29-2005]
Solutions are designed to improve patient satisfaction and increase cash flow by automating key business processes.

Inquisite Inaugurate Global Partner Program [Published: 06-29-2005]
Partner program deepens the strategic value.

Lenders Can Improve Credit Decisions and Reduce Credit Loss [Published: 06-29-2005]
SAS Credit Scoring, companies can develop predictive models that assist in evaluating the credit worthiness of customers.

Triversity and Intellera Form Strategic Partnership [Published: 06-29-2005]
Case management solution has built-in intelligence for managing all case information.

The Business Imperative: Build versus Buy [Published: 06-29-2005]
Pervasive integration software applications now offer a compelling alternative to the expensive, time-consuming quagmire of in-house development. login required

Pervasive Explores the Business Imperative [Published: 06-29-2005]
Tackling Today’s Biggest Integration Cost Drier: Labor login required

Datamonitor Closes the ISV Integration Gap [Published: 06-29-2005]
Embedded Integration, the catalyst to ROI. Datamonitor login required

The Integration Imperative [Published: 06-29-2005]
The ISV Business Opportunities of Pervasive’s Integration Products. login required

Developing SOA Solutions to Accommodate Variety and Change [Published: 06-29-2005]
With integration processes as the key building blocks of a flexible integration strategy, SOA can accommodate variety and change, thereby fully delivering on the promises of the agile enterprise. login required

Sid Banerjee of Claraview Named Winner of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award [Published: 06-30-2005]
Sid was selected from 30 finalists in the greater Washington program.

Empowering Users: The Coming Transformation of Knowledge Management Environments [Published: 06-30-2005]
A flexible and powerful knowledge management environment requires a robust enterprise IT architecture.

Data Warehousing and Statistical Processing [Published: 06-30-2005]
The data warehouse is not the ideal data environment for the statistician.

Whitesell Selects Clarity Systems [Published: 06-30-2005]
Clarity Performance Management and Microsoft Analysis Services have allowed Whitesell Corp. to fine tune its financial statements.

When It Comes to BI, Government Is More than Just Another Big Organization [Published: 06-30-2005]
Government agencies share many of the business intelligence (SBI) and data warehousing challenges facing large conglomerates in the private sector.

DataMirror Releases PointBase 5.3 [Published: 06-30-2005]
Java database system usability enhanced in response to OEM customer.

Monster Government Solutions Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 06-30-2005]
Monster Government Solutions selected MicroStrategy to develop a new business intelligence module for QuickHire.

The New Release of Data Integration Product Suite [Published: 06-30-2005]
Data integration solutions, has announced the release of version 3.2 of its data integration product. suite, which includes real-time

Peacocks Prevents Fraud and Reduces Shrinkage [Published: 06-30-2005]
The data will be mined overnight, and the loss prevention team will have indicators of suspicious activity on their desktops first thing each morning.