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July 2005 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Claraview Releases a New Reporting Module [Published: 07-01-2005]
Claraview helps government agencies use business intelligence to achieve competitive advantage and operational excellence.

ProClarity Counted Among Top Finalists for the 2005 [Published: 07-01-2005]
ProClarity is nominated for this award for creating robust software to meet specific customer needs and market demand.

Loading Data Becomes Easier with Greenplum Release [Published: 07-01-2005]
The enhancements to postgreSQL improve data load and table creation performance.

Congress Moves to Free Up Internet Video Services [Published: 07-05-2005]
Bills Would Differentiate Video over IP from Cable.

HIV Screening for All Pregnancies [Published: 07-05-2005]
A federal panel is recommending that all pregnant women, not just those considered at high risk, be screened for the AIDS virus.

Duramed Will Use StayinFront [Published: 07-05-2005]
StayinFront offers a pen-enabled system that allows field representatives to track sample disbursement.

Asigra Distributed Backup and Recovery Software [Published: 07-05-2005]
Asigra Televaulting eliminates many backup pain points through technology.

hSenid Introduces Business Intelligence [Published: 07-05-2005]
Business Objects will introduce a variety of business intelligent tools to the Sri Lankan market.

The Information Quality Conference 2005, Sept.19-23, in Houston [Published: 07-06-2005]
The IQ Conference is the most comprehensive and authoritative conference on data and information quality.

Business Intelligence Defined [Published: 07-06-2005]
Consistent definitions are the key to understanding business intelligence information quality.

Oracle to Acquire Profitlogic to Boost Retail Intelligence [Published: 07-06-2005]
Oracle is to buy Profitlogic, a provider of retail profit optimization solutions, to offer users a more complete retail analysis platform.

Gap Inc. Improves with Appian Analytic’s Retail Analytics and Reporting [Published: 07-06-2005]
Appian Analytics has signed an agreement with Gap Inc. to provide business analytics and reporting services for monitoring performance.

Bloor Research Recommends SAND Information Lifecycle Management [Published: 07-06-2005]
SAND Technology to manage rampant data growth.

Retailing, the High-Tech Way [Published: 07-06-2005]
From in-store cameras to data-mining loyalty-card use and beyond, retailers are depending more and more on technology to boost sales.

The New Science of Siting Stores [Published: 07-06-2005]
Thanks to complex mapping and demographic tools, retailers can now find the perfect location in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Geisinger Health System Adopts the Ardais System for Biospecimen Management [Published: 07-07-2005]
Ardais system will provide biospecimen and data management capability.

TransUnion Names New Vice President [Published: 07-07-2005]
Cathy Madden has accepted the position of vice president of corporate strategy.

Market Insite Group Merges With French Powerhouse Asterop [Published: 07-07-2005]
Business intelligence technology leader seeks to expand customer offerings.

Oracle to Buy Retail Software [Published: 07-07-2005]
Business intelligence software that gauges customer patterns to help retailers.

Pitney Bowes Names New President [Published: 07-07-2005]
Christopher Baker named president of Group 1 Software.

Getting at the Real Cost of Healthcare [Published: 07-08-2005]
Group proposes statewide effort.

Electronic Health Record Systems Becoming More Affordable [Published: 07-08-2005]
This survey reveals that ownership costs of an EHR for small practices.

SAS Sets New Standards on 64-Bit Business Intelligence Support [Published: 07-11-2005]
SAS business intelligence continues to provide widest choice of operating systems and hardware.

Creating Value with Corporate Performance Management [Published: 07-11-2005]
Overcoming the “elephant problem.”

Business Performance Management: Assessing Your Organization’s Cultural Readiness for BPM [Published: 07-11-2005]
Senior management needs to step up to the plate and take an active role in the business performance management project.

Turkcell Implements Epiphany CRM Solutions [Published: 07-11-2005]
Turkcell is using Epiphany Campaign Management and Interaction Advisor solutions to improve relationship marketing across channels.

Bayer CropScience Renews Strong Relationship with CRM Upgrade [Published: 07-11-2005]
StayinFront CRM system is the latest version of the solution, StayinFront CRM 9.2.

BearingPoint Wins $10 Million Contract [Published: 07-11-2005]
To assist Turkish Cypriots in improving their business practices.

Survey Shows BI and BPM Applications are Gaining Ground [Published: 07-11-2005]
Applix gained significant traction in operations, sales and marketing.

Bioinformatics Tools for Protein Analysis [Published: 07-12-2005]
Applications and databases help decipher protein structure and function.

Business Intelligence Environments: The Need for Mobility [Published: 07-12-2005]
Business intelligence on the move.

DataDelta Launches Single Customer View Accuracy Analysis Service [Published: 07-12-2005]
New service evaluates Customer Data Integration accuracy.

Oracle Promotes Partner Support for Fusion [Published: 07-12-2005]
Oracle is boasting that it has critical mass partner support.

CorVu President/CEO to Stepdown [Published: 07-12-2005]
MacIntosh to assume more focused regional role in Australia and Asia Pacific.

London Bombing Shut Down the City’s Transportation Network [Published: 07-12-2005]
London bombing highlights the fact that more than IT infrastructure must be considered for disaster contingency planning.

SAS Sets New Standards on 64-Bit BI Support [Published: 07-12-2005]
SAS BI continues to provide widest choice of operating systems and hardware.

VNU and IMS Health Merge to Form Global Leader in Market Intelligence [Published: 07-12-2005]
A definitive agreement to merge in a stock-and-cash transaction.

Del Mar Database and Integrated Loan Services to Partner [Published: 07-13-2005]
To provide new home equity program to small and medium size lenders.

SAS India Expansion [Published: 07-13-2005]
SAS is expanding its Indian operations given the triple-digit growth in sales.

Softrax Expands Revenue Management Solution [Published: 07-13-2005]
New revenue analysis and forecasting applications deliver new insights.

Allscripts Extends its use of Captiva Toolkits [Published: 07-13-2005]
Clinical software is using PixTools to scan and view patient charts.

SAS and HSBC Join to Transform Fraud-Detection [Published: 07-13-2005]
Protecting banks and their customers.

Budgeting for a Data Warehouse [Published: 07-14-2005]
Choosing the right methodology and storage media makes your data warehouse cost-effective.

IT Compliance Institute Launches the Unified Compliance Project [Published: 07-14-2005]
Groundbreaking initiative offers the most broad-based alignment.

Data Warehousing Solution for CRM Analytics [Published: 07-14-2005]
Best Practice Award for the best data warehousing and business intelligence solution.

Firstlogic Launches Data Quality Blog [Published: 07-14-2005]
Frank Dravis authored the new weblog.

Business Objects Ranked as a Top Vendor for Performance Management [Published: 07-14-2005]
Business Objects ranks ahead of other BI vendors.

Partnership Delivers Metadata Integration Solution [Published: 07-14-2005]
Embarcadero extends data models to solve complex metadata integration.

The Fable of The 90-Day Data Mart: One Manufacturer's Experience [Published: 07-14-2005]
A real experience of a manufacturing organization that received their data mart in 90 days—only to pay again to have it done right.

Longview Solutions Appoints a New CEO [Published: 07-15-2005]
Longview appointed Mark E. Burton as its new CEO.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade Selects Hummingbird [Published: 07-15-2005]
Melbourne has selected Hummingbird for its enterprise wide Electronic Document and Records Management System.

Group 1 Software Forms Partnership with Taxware [Published: 07-15-2005]
Newest value-added reseller of Group 1’s GeoTAX Software.

Berenson to Join Yankee Group Panel Discussion [Published: 07-15-2005]
Jeff Berenson will participate on a panel discussion at the upcoming Yankee Group IPTV Decision Summit.

Firstlogic Announces Dynamic iSummit [Published: 07-15-2005]
Industry leaders educate business.

Sybase IQ An evaluation by Bloor Research [Published: 07-15-2005]
Column-based databases effectively provide self-tuning capabilities. login required

SAS and HSBC Holdings Join Forces to Transform Fraud-Detection Market [Published: 07-16-2005]
SAS and HSBC begin a long-term partnership.

Companies Turn to Knowledge Management [Published: 07-16-2005]
Current IT systems deliver too much data and not enough insight.

MacLellan International Chooses Applix TM1 [Published: 07-17-2005]
Planning and forecasting back on track with rapid implementation of single platform.

Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Teams With Cognos [Published: 07-17-2005]
The organizational development program helps members make strategy execution a core competency.

Cognos Signs Agreement With Boeing [Published: 07-17-2005]
Business intelligence software to be available to employees.

Exciting New Technologies for Business Intelligence [Published: 07-18-2005]
Smart Dust, RFID and Neighborhood Meshes

The Smart Business Intelligence Framework [Published: 07-18-2005]
The Smart BI Framework brings together the four forces that drive business operations: people, plans, processes and performance.

BearingPoint Appoints Ruby DeMesme [Published: 07-18-2005]
Former assistant secretary of the air force will serve as Executive Director for Human Capital Management.

MicroStrategy Announces Release of MicroStrategy 8 [Published: 07-18-2005]
MicroStrategy platform gives customers the ability to support larger numbers of users.

BearingPoint Solution Leaders To Address Strategic Asset and Service Management [Published: 07-18-2005]
The Management Track briefings will feature BearingPoint strategic asset and service management.

Leveraging Location into Business Intelligence [Published: 07-18-2005]
A store's location impacts sales performance.

KCI Unveils CONTROL Version 8.7 [Published: 07-18-2005]
The newest release of its powerful, cost-effective corporate performance management (CPM) solution.

Conversion Services International Announces Sale of Evoke Software [Published: 07-18-2005]
Conversion focused on delivering the value in business intelligence, data warehousing and data management solutions.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Business Intelligence for Drug Discovery and Development [Published: 07-19-2005]
The cross-functional drug discovery and development process requires a proven set of best practices utilizing a sound business intelligence discipline.

Retail Business Intelligence Extranets—Implementation Options [Published: 07-19-2005]
This is the final article in a two-part series discussing the technological approaches a retailer might take to implement a business intelligence extranet.

Ipedo Chosen by Sun [Published: 07-19-2005]
Ipedo will enable real-time collection of system statistics to lower risk and reduce operating costs.

Sharing the Data Bridge in Cincinnati [Published: 07-19-2005]
Local data sharing collaborative called HealthBridge.

Matthew Austin Appointed Sales Director [Published: 07-19-2005]
Austin is a new addition to the sales and marketing team within SCG.

Orvis Implements Business Intelligence [Published: 07-20-2005]
Orvis will be able to quickly identify and segment key customers and track their spending habits.

Partech Invests $8 Million [Published: 07-20-2005]
The new investment round will allow JasperSoft to continue investing in open source JasperReports and grow its installed base.

Panorama Signs Contract With Kable News [Published: 07-20-2005]
Kable News will use Panorama 4.5 to allow their customers to better monitor their financial and marketing data.

Advance Research and Technology Development in Intelligence [Published: 07-20-2005]
Intelligence, homeland security and defense agencies are overwhelmed by the huge and growing volume of information.

Whatever Happened to Applications? [Published: 07-21-2005]
IT professionals may do "windows" but they don't do applications.

A Star Schema Model for Narrative Data [Published: 07-21-2005]
If one thinks of taxonomies as dimensions, then a set of taxonomies and the facts they classify can be perceived of as a star schema.

Turkish Airlines Enhances Reporting and Analysis [Published: 07-21-2005]
Turkish Airlines uses MicroStrategy for reporting and analysis of sales and flight data.

Skywire Software Completes Acquisition of InsBridge [Published: 07-21-2005]
Acquisition fuels Skywire Software's aggressive growth plans in servicing the insurance industry.

ProLink Names Puneet Rikhy [Published: 07-21-2005]
Prolink selects Puneet Rikhy as Vice President & Managing Director of its financial services market.

AHIP Selects SafeCare [Published: 07-21-2005]
SafeCare Systems has been selected as the newest member of AHIP Solutions.

Incentive Logic's Selected to Support Microsoft Office [Published: 07-21-2005]
Microsoft selected Incentive Logic's complete end-to-end incentive/reward solution for its simple integration.

Business Objects to Obtain SRC Software [Published: 07-21-2005]
Business Objects to acquire SRC Software, a vendor of financial planning and performance management software.

QueryEdge: Accelerating the Creation of Business Value [Published: 07-21-2005]
The Winter Corporation explores the challenge of creating business value from large data warehouses. login required

LogiXML Adds Advanced Grouping Support [Published: 07-22-2005]
New LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder Optimizer Edition adds key data manipulation.

Renaissance Capital Uses Fair Isaac’s Capstone [Published: 07-22-2005]
Renaissance Capital uses Fair Isaac's Capstone Decision Manager for consumer credit decisions.

DATAllegro Releases IQR [Published: 07-22-2005]
DATAllegro IQR routes queries between data warehouse appliances.

BEZ Board of Advisors Welcomes Database Expert [Published: 07-22-2005]
Haim Kopans, President of JVP Studio, joins board.

What the Data Vendors Aren’t Telling You [Published: 07-22-2005]
What the ETL, EII and Data Quality vendors don’t want you to know. login required

Customer Data Integration Implementations [Published: 07-22-2005]
Why all implementation styles are not created equal. login required

CSI Acquires McKnight Associates [Published: 07-25-2005]
Business intelligence consultancy augments CSI’s growing organization.

Organization Invests in Geac MPC Software [Published: 07-25-2005]
Geac has won a contract for software and services.

Etihad Airways Selects Epiphany [Published: 07-25-2005]
United Arab Emirates to use Epiphany CRM software.

Emperors Palace Selects Marketing Campaigns with SPSS [Published: 07-25-2005]
SPSS PredictiveMarketing implemented to improve guest loyalty.

Cross Country Healthcare Selects BusinessObjects XI [Published: 07-25-2005]
Healthcare staffing services standardizes on BusinessObjects XI for performance management.

Demand For Enterprise Input Management Grows [Published: 07-26-2005]
Industry leaders describe how EIM is driving business.

Ground-Breaking Genomics Study [Published: 07-26-2005]
The Most Comprehensive Comparison of Conserved DNA Sequences.

Fair Isaac and IBM Team to Help Banks Fight Emerging Fraud [Published: 07-26-2005]
The joint initiative is designed to assist banks in evolving their fraud management capabilities beyond point solutions.

New Web-Architected Address Validation Connector Available [Published: 07-26-2005]
Firstlogic announces a new adapter for the Oracle E-Business Suite.

Using Business Intelligence to Enhance Healthcare Marketing [Published: 07-26-2005]
Business intelligence has a lot to offer clinical healthcare organizations in terms of crafting real, evidence-based marketing messages.

Telecom Business Intelligence: The Five Forces of a Highly Competitive Industry [Published: 07-26-2005]
Telecom service providers need to get their data warehouse and business intelligence groups involved in creating repeatable processes, not just a one time project.

Ecce Homology is Accessible to the General Public [Published: 07-26-2005]
Ecce Homology project is an ongoing collaboration among 11 biologists, artists and computer scientists.

RNA and its Function [Published: 07-26-2005]
RNA is a chain-like molecule that contains genetic information.

Banque Populaire Selects Cognos [Published: 07-26-2005]
Cognos meets all of the bank’s reporting requirements.

Actuate Names Vincent De Gennaro New Vice President of EMEA [Published: 07-26-2005]
Actuate appoints seasoned business intelligence executive to head EMEA team.

Satyam Computer to Buy Knowledge Dynamics [Published: 07-26-2005]
Satyam to acquire 100 percent of Knowledge Dynamics of Singapore.

Pulte Homes Selects Siebel CRM OnDemand [Published: 07-27-2005]
Siebel CRM OnDemand will help its business grow through improved market segmentation.

Crate and Barrel Launches Firstlogic’s Information Quality Suite [Published: 07-27-2005]
Leading house wares retailer is using Firstlogic’s data quality software to create a single view of each customer, enabling business users to perform detailed sales and customer behavioral analysis.

CSC Signs Five-Year Contract with China Pacific Life Insurance [Published: 07-27-2005]
CPIC Life will replace its current system with CSC's FUTUREfirst.

Information Builders Partner with ESRI Alliance [Published: 07-27-2005]
Strategic pairing of business intelligence and GIS technology empower users around the world.

CSC Names Jose Jimenez President of Enforcement [Published: 07-27-2005]
Jimenez has more than 30 years experience in national security and intelligence.

Arcplan’s Business Intelligence Software Selected by AMB [Published: 07-28-2005]
Arcplan improves daily operations and strategic planning.

Firm Names MicroStrategy as Fastest-Growing Top 10 Business Intelligence Vendor [Published: 07-28-2005]
MicroStrategy has been on the leading edge in user interface development for both end users and developers.

A Reprehensible Man [Published: 07-28-2005]
There is no right to privacy for employee email.

ETL Functions For Narrative Data Mart Population [Published: 07-28-2005]
ETL functions required to populate a data mart implemented using a Narrative Star Schema can be summed up as tokenizing, recognizing, categorizing and linking.

BearingPoint Wins $36 Million Program Management Support Contract [Published: 07-28-2005]
The project to focus on DoD identity management strategy.

New Finding May Aid Adult Stem Cell Collection [Published: 07-28-2005]
A new chemical compound that can accelerate this process.

MedicAlert to Offer Electronic Health Record Services [Published: 07-28-2005]
Members who sign up for the service will now be able to store and manage their electronic health records.

SanDisk Deploys Treo Smart Phones [Published: 07-28-2005]
SanDisk has hit on a solution for worker mobility.

Niteo Partners Honored by Cognos [Published: 07-29-2005]
Niteo Partners was presented with the Partner of the Year Award and Platinum Partner Award at Cognos' 2005 Global Partner Summit.