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December 2005 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Siperian Enables LexisNexis [Published: 12-01-2005]
LexisNexis has enhanced support for marketing campaigns and increased revenue by avoiding missed sales opportunities.

Completing the Puzzle: Transaction Processing and Unstructured Data [Published: 12-01-2005]
As a result of transaction processing, organizations have realized the importance of having a 360 degree view of the customer.

Designing Chemical Compound Libraries for Drug Discovery [Published: 12-01-2005]
The design of chemical compound libraries is a highly relevant skill for bioinformaticians involved in drug discovery.

Protegrity Granted Patent for Encryption of Databases [Published: 12-01-2005]
Protegrity’s technology, incorporated into its database security solutions, gives users the ability to determine the storage and process location of encrypted data and encryption keys.

Teradata Acquires DecisionPoint [Published: 12-01-2005]
Teradata and DPS have partnered to optimize the sourcing process.

Plexis Healthcare Systems and Applix Announce a Strategic Partnership [Published: 12-01-2005]
The strategic partnership will provide healthcare organizations with a new streamlined benefits administration solution and advanced analytic reporting functionality.

Business Objects and Red Hat Sign Global Technology Partner Agreement [Published: 12-01-2005]
As part of the agreement, each company will join the other's technology partner program and the two companies will embark on several co-marketing and co-selling programs.

Acumence Releases Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution Version 5.5 [Published: 12-01-2005]
Version 5.5 includes new KPI alerting and other enhancements to the plant analytics server that help manufacturers identify, analyze, and react to decreasing plant performance more quickly.

CSC Wins Total Information Processing Support Services-3 Contract [Published: 12-01-2005]
The contract will provide a full range of information technology and technical services to the U.S. Department of Treasury and its bureaus.

Plan to Take Over the World Part I [Published: 12-01-2005]

Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams on Their Foreheads [Published: 12-01-2005]
Throw me a bone, people.

Strategic Performance Benefit Hospitals [Published: 12-02-2005]
Study shows that small changes can significantly impact bottom line.

Systems Union Has Been Named Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CPM Suites [Published: 12-02-2005]
The Gartner CPM Magic Quadrant is published annually as an analytical representation of the current CPM market, measuring vendors on their “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision.”

Cambridge Healthtech Associates and Nikkei BP Form Partnership [Published: 12-02-2005]
Nikkei will distribute CHA's Advances Reports to the Japanese healthcare market through its numerous print and online channels.

Project Leadership Associates Acquire Nexus [Published: 12-02-2005]
The acquisition of Nexus is a strategic move that will expand PLA's core service offerings and bring business intelligence solutions to their clients.

Orange Netherlands Selects End2End [Published: 12-02-2005]
End2End’s CDS enables Orange Netherlands to consolidate their complete mobile games offering onto a single platform to provide a unified end-user experience.

Human Capital Contribution Model to Enhance Metrics that Matter [Published: 12-02-2005]
The model enables learning organizations to systematically assess needs, effectiveness, business results, ROI and profit impact.

Business Performance Management Solutions for Finance and Operations [Published: 12-04-2005]
While BPM solutions have been traditionally implemented by finance departments, these solutions have also proven valuable for operations.

Attensity Improves Business Intelligence with Text Analytics [Published: 12-05-2005]
Ron Powell recently spoke with Attensity’s Craig Norris about text analytics in an exclusive interview.

SAP to Define the Future of Banking IT [Published: 12-05-2005]
The strategic Industry Value Network for Banks is tasked to define enterprise services that will bridge the gap between today's banking systems and the next generation of banking solutions.

The Business Value for Investing in Pre-Clinical Safety Data Warehousing [Published: 12-05-2005]
Pre-Clinical Data Warehousing offers the greatest opportunity to maximize the return on investment in drug safety and mitigate the risk associated with the use of drugs in humans.

The Latest Trends in Business Performance Management [Published: 12-05-2005]
Innovative BPM Vendors now offer various packages, including features like metadata management, driver-based planning, workforce planning, predictive analytics and verticalization.

QlikTech Launches QlikView Publisher [Published: 12-05-2005]
QlikView Publisher facilitates large-scale deployments by automating the processes by which applications are updated, distributed and secured.

Blue Cross to Launch Blue Healthcare Bank [Published: 12-05-2005]
Blue Healthcare Bank would only offer financial services related to the management of the health plans.

Geac wins Product Lifecycle Management Contract [Published: 12-05-2005]
The new system will help Stearns embrace its global community of vendors and contractors worldwide.

Manufacturing: The Need for Managed Data [Published: 12-06-2005]
Data management enables organizations to gather and analyze their data more quickly and cost effectively.

Certified Data and the Certification Process for Financial Institutions [Published: 12-06-2005]
Legislative & regulatory initiatives can now drive financial institutions to aggregate data and build data management infrastructures on a much larger scale.

UATP Selects DataFlux for Data Profiling [Published: 12-06-2005]
Data profiling technology will enhance data quality for business travel payment system.

Jinfonet Releases JReport 7.2 [Published: 12-07-2005]
Java applications delivers data in precise, pixel-perfect and intuitive reports for their end users.

DataMirror Unveils iCluster 2.2 [Published: 12-07-2005]
iCluster 2.2 includes numerous performance, functional and usability enhancements that further improve system scalability, reliability and integrity of iSeries high-availability environments.

Panorama Software Partners With DataLan to Offer Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 12-07-2005]
Through this partnership, DataLan will be able to develop and provide better business value to their customers using Panorama 5.0.

MarkMonitor and Open Technology Solutions Team Up to Protect Credit Unions [Published: 12-07-2005]
OTS has integrated MarkMonitor's fraud protection and response capabilities into its range of technology offerings to protect its partners.

Insightful Releases Insightful Miner 7 [Published: 12-07-2005]
Insightful Miner 7 is designed to integrate easily with other applications.

Telecom Egypt Selects ACE*COMM [Published: 12-07-2005]
APG is a service activation gateway that can be employed with any billing, customer care or service management system to activate and manage subscribers and their services on a network.

News-Press & Gazette Renews Marketron TV Sales Contract [Published: 12-07-2005]
Marketron systems are designed to help broadcasters monetize and manage their inventory across multiple channels, stations and media.

Sigma Dynamics Announce Four New Applications that Bridge the Operational and Analytical Worlds of CRM [Published: 12-07-2005]
Sigma Intelligence Platform delivers valuable information to automatically adapt processes to customer needs inside the context of each interaction.

CSC Selects InterSystems’ Ensemble [Published: 12-07-2005]
The goal of the Ensemble-based National Switching Point project is to enable healthcare organizations to rapidly exchange patient information while ensuring confidentiality.

EContent Magazine Selects Hummingbird [Published: 12-08-2005]
EContent magazine has included Hummingbird in its fifth annual “EContent 100” list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry.

Government Business Intelligence and Translation [Published: 12-08-2005]
Language translation is becoming increasingly important to business intelligence within the public sector.

The Importance of Customer Segmentation [Published: 12-08-2005]
Companies using customer segmentation must classify customers and understand the maturity cycle to effectively analyze them.

SIIA Selects Nexicon [Published: 12-08-2005]
SIIA will implement Nexicon's anti-piracy tracking tool which searches for unique identifiers of pirated software and content across the internet.

China Mobile and Putian to Sell Disney Handsets [Published: 12-08-2005]
Shanghai Mobile and Putian have been licensed to sell Disney themed handsets in China.

Eagle Eye Launches Company Business Intelligence [Published: 12-08-2005]
CBI, a new online database application that instantly and comprehensively generates profiles of every vendor's federal contract and grant revenues over the last two years.

AXIS Standardizes on Firstlogic’s IQ8 [Published: 12-08-2005]
IQ8 enables AXIS to perform advanced customer behavioral analysis, modeling, geographic analysis, data mining and campaign management.

Beacon Credit Union Selects Open Solutions The Complete Credit Union Solution [Published: 12-09-2005]
The Complete Credit Union Solution was designed to be an open architecture application, creating the flexibility necessary for running a service-oriented financial institution.

New Incuity HDA Version 2.1 Takes Advantage of New .NET 2.0 [Published: 12-09-2005]
The new .NET 2.0 framework provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with web services.

Telstra Selects Netonomy for Mobile Self-Service [Published: 12-09-2005]
MyNetonomy Enterprise Order Manager, captures the ordering process for enterprise communications services.

Zhejiang Telecom Deploys Teradata Warehouse [Published: 12-09-2005]
Zhejiang Telecom selected the Teradata Warehouse and Teradata Warehouse Miner solution as the foundation of its operational analysis and decision support system.

Perenco Selects Applix [Published: 12-12-2005]
Applix TM1 will help facilitate more accurate business decisions made across all divisions and regions so that goals can be met more accurately and efficiently.

Consolidating, Accessing and Analyzing Unstructured Data [Published: 12-12-2005]
Although a great deal of business information is locked away as unstructured data, this data is valuable for optimizing and analyzing business processes.

Master Data Management: The Importance of Codes [Published: 12-12-2005]
While codes are valuable for various communications, we must find solutions for code overloading.

Similarity Systems and Sunopsis Announce Strategic Partnership [Published: 12-12-2005]
Sunopsis will be able to provide Similarity Systems’ name and address standardization, cleansing and matching technologies as an option to its growing list of corporate customers.

Business Objects and MySQL Expand Partnership [Published: 12-12-2005]
Business Objects and MySQL are committed to delivering integrated solutions that enable customers to access MySQL databases and achieve unmatched visibility into their key business information.

Harland Financial Solutions Partners with Panini North America [Published: 12-12-2005]
Harland Financial Solutions' Encore! Teller customers will be able to seamlessly integrate teller line automation software with Panini's My Vision X image capture device.

BEA and Siebel Systems Announce Availability of Siebel Component Assembly for WebLogic 9.0 [Published: 12-12-2005]
BEA and Siebel Systems to deliver on a common vision for Service Oriented Architecture via their respective Services Infrastructure and Customer Adaptive Solutions software.

Hospitals to Provide Credit Cards [Published: 12-12-2005]
Hospitals and providers hope to see a reduction in patients who skip out on their bills.

Houston Selects SAP [Published: 12-13-2005]
SAP was selected to assist Houston with the implementation, training and rollout of the HoustonOne project.

Discovering the Source of Business Intelligence Within [Published: 12-13-2005]
The value of business intelligence technologies should be judged by how effectively they support clear and accurate understanding and communication.

The Extended Corporate Information Factory Supports the Smart Business [Published: 12-13-2005]
While the CIF includes the features of the original Corporate Information Factory, significant improvements have been made to accommodate new business intelligence technologies and enterprise-focused processes.

NCR and Business Effectiveness to Provide RFID Solutions [Published: 12-13-2005]
The companies will work together in Greece and neighboring countries with NCR clients that are evaluating, implementing and expanding the use of RFID technology.

Edifecs Launches Healthcare Suite [Published: 12-13-2005]
Edifecs Healthcare Suite includes business performance management applications that automate and manage the full lifecycle of transactions.

TMG Health Migrates Customer Base to TriZetto Facets System Version 4.21 [Published: 12-13-2005]
TMG Health services will be able to take advantage of the full function of the newer software without incurring the incremental operating and capital costs.

Configuration Solutions and Infor Join Forces to Drive Value for Automotive Suppliers [Published: 12-14-2005]
Infor will offer Configuration Solutions' Product/Program Lifecycle Management and CS-Automotive software solutions to automotive customers.

Bresnan Communications to Expand C-COR's On Demand Solution [Published: 12-14-2005]
Bresnan Communications will deploy C-COR's On Demand hardware and software management solution in four additional markets.

Apriso Announces the Availability of FlexNet Version 9.3 [Published: 12-14-2005]
FlexNet 9.3 has been built for adaptive manufacturing—an emerging strategy driven by operations execution systems that provide the flexibility, visibility and integration required to support constantly changing business requirements.

Aon Consulting and Urix Enter Partnership for Health Claims Business Intelligence [Published: 12-14-2005]
Aon Consulting will use the UAP as a powerful analytical tool to help clients better understand their healthcare claims data and take corrective actions.

Webinar Survey Shows Increase in Reporting and Business Intelligence [Published: 12-14-2005]
A survey of attendees cited increased accuracy of reporting and business intelligence as the primary benefit expected from master data management initiatives.

Teleran Delivers Sun Solaris 10 Operating System [Published: 12-14-2005]
Solaris 10 OS enables Sun to deliver to its customers a market application usage management facility.

Japan Deploys Wi-Fi Tags to Track Childrens Whereabouts [Published: 12-14-2005]
T2 Tag location-tracking products for children help parents know the location of their kids.

Fiserv EFT and Alaska Option Networks Select Fair Isaac's CardAlert Fraud Manager [Published: 12-15-2005]
Fiserv EFT and Alaska Option Network to utilize Fair Isaac's CardAlert Fraud Manager for early identification and reporting of suspected counterfeit card and skimming fraud.

Open Source Software and the Myth of Viral Licensing [Published: 12-15-2005]
Whether software is free, open or proprietary, its use is governed by copyright and the license terms under which the software is published.

CRM for Corporation Communications [Published: 12-15-2005]
When corporations talk to each other, numerous variables must be taken into consideration.

SAS and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Renew Enterprisewide Contract [Published: 12-15-2005]
The renewed contract will enable the department to continue to use SAS to support a multitude of vital programs.

Latigent Releases BlueVue II [Published: 12-15-2005]
BlueVue II to integrate an enterprise RSS aggregator and reader to create a converged information portal for employees.

Incuity Announces the Signing of Spartan Controls and BridgeWare as the Exclusive Value-Added Resellers [Published: 12-15-2005]
Incuity EMI offers sophisticated capabilities for manipulating, viewing and sharing data throughout larger organizations.

Meijer Selects Insurity’s Medical Bill Review Software [Published: 12-15-2005]
By eliminating overcharges, the Insurity product provides direct savings for Meijer.

Test Case Study [Published: 12-16-2005]

New Candidates Will Serve as IAIDQ Board of Directors [Published: 12-19-2005]
Five new candidates will serve on the board in 2006.

DMExpress Will Support Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology [Published: 12-19-2005]
Combination will lead to improved performance and processing capabilities.

Unify Embeds JReport into Unify NXJ 11 [Published: 12-19-2005]
New Jinfonet product meets Unity’s requirements for easily-integrated, java-based reporting.

Ticket Servicos Selects EMC [Published: 12-20-2005]
DatabaseXtender performs the data relocation while maintaining all existing data relationships as if the data is still stored within a single production environment.

Statistical Analysis in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing [Published: 12-20-2005]
Organizations can provide and get value from statistical analysis without an in-house consultant with a PhD in statistics.

The Benefits of Data Standards for Insurance [Published: 12-20-2005]
Companies differentiate themselves not by whether or not they use a data standard, but by how they use it.

IBM Buys Bowstreet [Published: 12-20-2005]
Bowstreet's technology combined with IBM's software have been able to build portal applications between two and 12 times faster than when using other tools.

Linguamatics to Aid in AstraZeneca's Drug Discovery [Published: 12-20-2005]
Linguamatics enables the discovery of new and relevant information from large collections of text documents.

Tamiflu May Not Be the Only Answer for Flu Pandemic [Published: 12-20-2005]
Mass vaccination with existing vaccines could minimize the risk of the avian flu virus mutating and causing a pandemic.

Payless ShoeSource Selects Kronos [Published: 12-20-2005]
Kronos for retail provides managers with all the tools they need to optimize their workforce and improve store operations and business performance.

CSC Extends Agreement with DuPont [Published: 12-20-2005]
CSC operates DuPont's global information systems and technology infrastructure.

Panorama Software Selects OLAP [Published: 12-20-2005]
OLAP will distribute Panorama’s business intelligence solutions through its vast reseller customer base.

NASA Selects Composite Software [Published: 12-20-2005]
SHIP is a prototype enterprise software system that provides integrated information to flight control teams that monitor and maintain the ISS as it supports astronauts in earth orbit.

SAP Extends Agreement with Ernie Els [Published: 12-20-2005]
Ernie Els will continue to serve as the global golf ambassador for SAP, through December 31, 2008.

Captiva Announces a New Marketing Alliance with Basware [Published: 12-20-2005]
Through the alliance, Captiva and BasWare will collaborate on accounts payable and invoice process automation opportunities.

Datamirror Case Study: Bostik, Ltd. [Published: 12-20-2005]
The success of Bostik's right-time BI efforts is reflected in the fact that business intelligence has become a mission-critical function within the company.

NCR Acquires Galvanon [Published: 12-20-2005]
Galvanon helps healthcare organizations enhance the patient experience at home, hospital and in the physician’s office.

Syncsort Case Study: Galosi [Published: 12-20-2005]
Performance was clearly an issue. Galosi wanted a more efficient way to get the data required to make critical auditing decisions on a timely basis.

Teradata Case Study: Continental Airlines [Published: 12-20-2005]
In terms of ROI, Continental has identified many millions in savings as a result of its enterprise data warehouse.

Labatt Improves Corporate Performance with Kalido [Published: 12-21-2005]
Labatt selected Kalido's software for its ability to rapidly develop an enterprise-scale data warehouse, to handle complex data and to easily support future changes.

SHPS To Improve Healthcare with SAS [Published: 12-21-2005]
SHPS will use SAS Enterprise BI Server to link analysis and reporting through a single platform for information access and delivery.

Actuate Partners with Quantum Secure [Published: 12-21-2005]
Actuate-based reporting will help organizations to standardize and fine tune corporate-wide physical security policies that affect underlying physical security systems.

IMS Health's PharMetrics Unit Launches Cost of Care Market Intelligence Module [Published: 12-21-2005]
Cost of Care market intelligence module, gives pharmaceutical companies unique new insights for measuring the impact of their products and other medical interventions on healthcare costs.

MasterCard and TRX Expand DATATRAX Contract [Published: 12-21-2005]
MasterCard helps its issuing banks increase their value to their corporate clients, enabling a seamless transfer of information from seller to buyer.

Correlative Analysis for the Medical Community [Published: 12-22-2005]
Correlative analysis, which analyzes concurrent events, provides a tremendous amount of insight for medical and healthcare organizations.

Enterprise Data Asset Inventory And Data Profiling [Published: 12-22-2005]
This article introduces an idea which may be novel to many IT professionals - the need to analyze actual production data.

DATAllegro Expands Into Europe [Published: 12-22-2005]
DATAllegro has hired three US Regional Sales Directors who will work out of the company's new offices in the Eastern and Central Regions.

Campmor Selects IBM and Tachyon Solutions [Published: 12-22-2005]
IBM business partner Taychon Solutions worked with Campmor to implement an e-commerce solution.

Koch Mineral Services Selects Information Builders' WebFOCUS [Published: 12-22-2005]
WebFOCUS provides the easiest environment for a non-IT person to develop their own reports.

ProClarity Announces the Release of Analytics 6.1 [Published: 12-22-2005]
ProClarity 6.1 provides a simple, powerful and adaptable interface that enables organizations to harness the enhanced business intelligence features.

iCoStore Selects Solutions Consulting Group [Published: 12-27-2005]
The solution is expected to create a competitive advantage for iCoStore by providing a real-time inventory management and supply chain solution.

Triad Hospitals Selects MEDIBIS [Published: 12-27-2005]
MEDIBIS to provide business intelligence software to all of Triad ambulatory surgery centers.

BPM and the 'Big Three' [Published: 12-27-2005]
OutlookSoft explores planning, budgeting and forecasting for sucess. login required

Essential Ingredients for an Effective Business Performance Management Solution [Published: 12-27-2005]
OutlookSoft explores an optimal BPM Strategy. login required

Unified Business Performance Management and the Application of Predictive Analytics [Published: 12-27-2005]
OutlookSoft explores BPM and the application of predictive analytics for optimal planning, reporting, analysis and decision-making. login required

Actionable Planning [Published: 12-27-2005]
OutlookSoft evaluates financial planning and performance analysis processes that provide business advantages. login required

Leveraging Microsoft Excel for Effective BPM [Published: 12-27-2005]
Spreadsheets are user-friendly, easy-to-manage and a cost-effective option for implementing enterprise-scale performance management. login required

IBM Case Study: Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals [Published: 12-27-2005]
Creating a right-time business intelligence environment mirrors the reality of the business within Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals.