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April 2005 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Pay-For-Performance Doctor Plan a Model [Published: 04-01-2005]

Evalubase Research Counters Traditional IT Research Methods [Published: 04-01-2005]

Cognos to Drive Performance Management at Amazon.com [Published: 04-01-2005]
Fortune 500 Company Chooses Cognos for Commitment to Linux, Web Services Architecture, Open Data Strategy with Composite Information Server.

Business Objects Customers Take Off With Performance Management [Published: 04-04-2005]
Management Dashboards Help Organizations Gain Insight and Optimize Performance.

Geac Delivers Advanced Reporting Capabilities to Business Executives [Published: 04-04-2005]
New Software Module Integrates Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services with Geac MPC Performance Management Suite.

ProClarity Business Intelligence Platform Available for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 [Published: 04-05-2005]
ProClarity 6 First to Market in Support of Highly Anticipated Microsoft Release.

Mid-Sized Companies Not Interested in Linux [Published: 04-05-2005]
Microsoft Still Dominates, Study Says.

Business Intelligence Without Information Quality? NOT!!! [Published: 04-05-2005]
Effective learning organizations manage their information as a resource by applying sound quality management.

Data Warehouse Mistakes to Avoid [Published: 04-06-2005]
Ten Mistakes to Avoid if Your Data Warehouse is to Deliver Quality Information. login required

Data Warehousing: Relational vs. Multi-Dimensional Data [Published: 04-06-2005]
The differences between Inmon's concept of relational data design and Kimball's multi-dimensional data design are at the heart of the controversy in defending their architectures.

IBM Unveils Business Intelligence Strategy for Balanced Performance in an Analytic Environment [Published: 04-06-2005]
Claudia Imhoff recently spoke with IBM's Karen Parrish in an exclusive interview.

CMS Gives the Public Access to Hospital Care Data [Published: 04-08-2005]

Former HHS Secretary Plugs Technology [Published: 04-08-2005]
In his View from the Private Sector, Tommy Thompson Still Sees IT as a Key to Cutting Costs and Medical Errors.

Business Performance Management Standards [Published: 04-11-2005]
Leaders unite to drive business performance management.

Business Performance Management [Published: 04-11-2005]
Striking the balance between information systems and processes.

SAS Strengthens Assault on Business Intelligence Market with Enhanced Offering [Published: 04-11-2005]
SAS Enterprise BI Server Empowers Decision Makers with Fast, Simple, Consistent and Accurate Reporting; First to Offer OLAP Storage and Mapping.

Creating the Smart Consumer: Quantum Impact on Today’s Retail Experience [Published: 04-12-2005]
This white paper focuses upon an important component of the supply chain often forgotten in the boardroom: customer education. It focuses upon how using IT-supported processes to assist the consumer benefits the entire selling process. login required

Siebel Systems Names George T. Shaheen as CEO [Published: 04-13-2005]

Affordable Data Quality Tops Melissa Data's Product Strategy [Published: 04-13-2005]
Claudia Imhoff and the Business Intelligence Network recently spoke with Melissa Data's Johnny Dam in an exclusive interview.

Data Warehousing: Our Great Debate Wraps Up [Published: 04-14-2005]
This last article will summarize our key debate points. reader feedback and answers to questions that have been received will be published in the blog.

The Government Information Factory [Published: 04-14-2005]
The arrival of the GIF was a natural evolution from the corporate information factory.

DataMirror Boosts Performance of Transformation Server 4.7 for z/OS with Static SQL [Published: 04-14-2005]
New Mainframe Integration Solution Shows 300 Percent Performance Improvement.

Home Depot Self-Checkout Boosts Sales, Satisfaction [Published: 04-15-2005]
Home Depot Asked its Customers to Work its Cash Registers. The Result: More Staffers on the Floor to Help Them Put Stuff in their Carts, and More Dollars per Customer per Visit.

The Enterprise Portal: A Growing, but Confusing, Marketplace [Published: 04-18-2005]
The portal industry is alive and well, and growing rapidly.

Benford’s Law—Information Analysis and BPM [Published: 04-18-2005]
Logarithmic size laws and intuition.

OfficeMax Marketing Campaigns Tap SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 04-18-2005]
Direct Mail Sales Climb 24 Percent.

Consumers More RFID-Aware, Still Wary [Published: 04-18-2005]
A Recent Survey Finds That More U.S. Consumers Have Heard About RFID, But Worries About Privacy Remain.

Amazon.com Brings in Business Analytics from Cognos [Published: 04-18-2005]
The Online Retailer Looks to Improve Planning and Operations.

MapInfo UK Launches Location Reporting Service to Help Retailers [Published: 04-18-2005]
Burger King Signs up for Site Impact Studies.

The Home Depot Selects SAS as Software Partner for Merchandise Operations [Published: 04-18-2005]
The Home Depot Partners with SAS for Integrated Revenue Optimization Solution.

U.S. Postal Service Expands Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse [Published: 04-18-2005]
Improves Service, Productivity and Efficiency.

Retail Data Warehousing—The-State-of-the-Art [Published: 04-19-2005]
Today’s retailer has a wealth of technology for making better decisions and improving business performance.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance—What Were the Legislators Thinking? [Published: 04-19-2005]
Surviving the impact of compliance on your data warehouse.

Users Unfazed by Oracle's Retek Deal [Published: 04-19-2005]
$630 Million Acquisition Just Fills a Void in its Product Line.

DataMirror Extends Partnership with Syntax.net to Expand Reach [Published: 04-19-2005]
Syntax.net to Market Hosted High Availability and Business Continuity Solutions.

SAND Addresses Unbridled Data Warehouse Growth [Published: 04-20-2005]
Extends ILM for Data Warehouse Options Across the Corporate Information Factory with Greater Integration of SAND Analytic Server and SAND Searchable Archive.

CRM Growth Simulator: Extending the Data Warehouse [Published: 04-21-2005]
A CRM growth simulator’s projections allow the calculation of total estimated ongoing profitability.

Metadata—A Shadow of Data [Published: 04-21-2005]
You can’t have a shadow unless you have a source of light. The same is true of metadata.

Teck Cominco’s Trail Operations Facility Implements QlikView [Published: 04-21-2005]
Leading Producer of Zinc and Lead Uses QlikView to “Refine” KPI Reporting and Trend Analysis.

Lanner Discusses Business Intelligence Performance with the B-EYE-Network [Published: 04-21-2005]
Lanner's Scott Dixon Smith and Gabrielle K. Boko discussed the effects of simulation with Ron Powell in an exclusive interview.

Trends: Does Consolidation Equal Strength? [Published: 04-22-2005]

Oracle Plans to Grow, Not Revamp, Retek [Published: 04-22-2005]

Overstock.com Inc. Selects Teradata [Published: 04-22-2005]
Leading Online Retailer Will Build Holistic Information Environment to Quickly Analyze, Understand and Manage Customer Relationships Across Product Lines.

Sears Honors Business Intelligence Vendor with Awards [Published: 04-22-2005]
Applied Intelligence Solutions Receives Partner in Progress Award, Innovation Supplier of the Year for its AllocationXpert Software and Services.

BI Startups Aim to Undercut Bigwigs [Published: 04-22-2005]
Armed with a Blend of Open Source and Commercial Tools, JasperSoft and Greenplum Hope Lower Price Point will Attract Customers.

Debating Business Models for Bioinformatics Companies [Published: 04-25-2005]
STRATEGY: HBS Tackles Informatics' Basic Question: Where's the Money?

J&J Teams with United Devices for Global Grid [Published: 04-25-2005]
Departmental Grid Pilot of 450 Nodes will Expand Companywide to 3,000 Nodes by Year-End.

Stanford Teams with Researchers To Use IT Against HIV and TB in Africa [Published: 04-25-2005]

The Bioinformatics System Architecture [Published: 04-26-2005]
Get a grip on your Bioinformatics Data.

Care Teams Reduce Costs with Business Intelligence [Published: 04-26-2005]
This article details the specific types of information used by care teams for greater clinical effectiveness, efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness and describes how this information can improve performance through business intelligence processes.

New Method for Obtaining Sequence Information [Published: 04-26-2005]
Current Technologies Can Only Analyze One Genome at a Time.

Merkle Integrates Netezza System into Next-Generation Marketing Knowledge Center [Published: 04-26-2005]
Merkle Taps Netezza’s Advanced Analytics and Warehousing Capabilities to Deliver Faster Results and New Targeted Marketing Opportunities.

Grid Touted as Novel Approach to Untangling Complexities of Protein Function [Published: 04-27-2005]

Mobile Computing: History Lessons [Published: 04-27-2005]
Architecting a survivable system in the enterprise.

Human Cells Filmed Instantly Messaging For First Time [Published: 04-27-2005]

SAND Searchable Archive Powers E-banking Log Management [Published: 04-28-2005]
South Korean Financial Services Company Improves Data Availability and Data Retention Infrastructure.

Societal Issues, Business Intelligence and the Need for Balance [Published: 04-28-2005]
To balance or not to balance: That is the question.

IT Spending in Manufacturing Declining, Finds Study [Published: 04-28-2005]
Manufacturers Already Rank Near the Bottom on IT Spending.

Improved Cancer Treatments Aim of New Biology Research Program [Published: 04-28-2005]
$8.9 Million Research Institute Will Use Advanced Computing Power to Expose the Secret Life of Cells.

MicroStrategy to Enhance Customer Acquisition and Retention Efforts [Published: 04-28-2005]

QlikTech Revolutionizes Business Analysis with Release of QlikView 7 [Published: 04-29-2005]
Latest Version Supports Massive Scale Analysis on 64-Bit Hardware for Organization-Wide Deployments.

Ascential Software Announces Support for Sun Microsystems' Solaris10 OS [Published: 04-29-2005]
Combined Solution Designed to Deliver Superior Performance While Minimizing IT Costs, Complexity and Risk.