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October 2004 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Data Redundancy [Published: 10-01-2004]
The truth is redundancy of data is absolutely a normal part of life.

Applying Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence to Insurance [Published: 10-01-2004]
Proper use of Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) can give the insurance sector a number of advantages like easy data acquisition, cost reduction in information delivery and a lot more. login required

Top Down or Bottom Up? One Company’s CRM Roadmap [Published: 10-01-2004]
Transforming their strategies, companies are turning to customer relationship management as the axis around which many of their new customer-focused business processes revolve. login required

Underwriting Transformation [Published: 10-01-2004]
Underwriting transformation is the analytical solution for underwriting process improvement and is geared to help bring down the loss ratio. login required

Business Intelligence and Insurance [Published: 10-01-2004]
The insurance industry is extremely divided in its adoption of business intelligence environment based on technologies like data warehousing, OLAP and data mining. login required

Data Management [Published: 10-01-2004]
Why your organization must understand and achieve it. login required

Data Quality In The Corporate Information Factory [Published: 10-01-2004]
Companies with the most complete, accurate and reliable information will retain and gain market share. login required

Success Breeds New Challenges [Published: 10-01-2004]
We may have finally reached an era of DSS/BI for the masses. Smart IT managers and data warehouse designers must plan accordingly.

Knightsbridge Measures the value of BI and DW Initiatives [Published: 10-01-2004]
Understanding and quantifying each initiative's cost and benefits is necessary to make an informed decision. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing are no exception to this rule. login required

Metadata, Business Rules & Semantics [Published: 10-07-2004]
Data quality can benefit from a unified theory of information intelligence

All the (BI) World’s a Stage… [Published: 10-12-2004]
“And one man in his time plays many parts” especially in CIF Staging

Convergence: Nanotechnology - The Next Level [Published: 10-14-2004]
A billion plus atoms of atomic energy are all headed this way.

The Solution is Selling Solutions [Published: 10-14-2004]
Solution sales are profitable – commodity sales are marginal

Counterterrorism Portal Created [Published: 10-20-2004]
Intellisophic and DFI International have partnered to deliver an innovative knowledge management system

Keep us off the front page of the WSJ [Published: 10-21-2004]
Measuring the value of technology initiatives

Metadata: Thursday’s Child [Published: 10-21-2004]
Metadata has far to go

Top 10 Business Intelligence Applications for Clinical Healthcare [Published: 10-25-2004]
This article describes how business intelligence applications enable organizations to meet the onslaught of demands for current and accurate information on performance, quality, safety, efficiency, effectiveness and, of course, costs.

FDA Approves Use of Chip in Patients [Published: 10-25-2004]
Chip stores a code that releases patient-specific information when a scanner passes over it.

DNA Computing [Published: 10-26-2004]
DNA computing is just one of the many applied areas of Nanotechnology.

Health Commission Will Advise Congress [Published: 10-26-2004]
Commission will examine how IT impacts the quality of healthcare.

Tera-Scale Data Warehouse Appliances Overcome the Technology Bottleneck [Published: 10-26-2004]
Organizations have spent billions of dollars on general-purpose solutions, but these solutions are unable to effectively handle the demands of in-depth analyses on large amounts of enterprise data. login required

HIPAA Costs Curtail Health IT Spending [Published: 10-26-2004]
Financial incentives from the federal government for compliance are a must.

Thompson Heralds 'Decade of Health IT' [Published: 10-26-2004]
Americans spend more resources on healthcare than the citizens of any other nation.

NCQA Releases Health Care Quality Report [Published: 10-26-2004]
U.S. healthcare system as a whole remains plagued by deadly "quality gaps."

HHS Awards Millions to Promote HIT [Published: 10-26-2004]
Increased adoption of information technology will speed the transformation of healthcare services in this nation.

The CIF Evolution [Published: 10-27-2004]
The CIF is a dynamic architecture, but it changes slowly.

DataMirror and Panorama Announce Strategic Partnership [Published: 10-28-2004]
Providing Scalable Solutions for Real-Time Business Intelligence That Deliver End-to-End Business Insight and Improved Decision-Making

BI in the Federal Government [Published: 10-28-2004]
Portals clearly are an important part of any BI environment.

Metadata: Looking to the Future [Published: 10-29-2004]
If there is to be cohesion across the distributed environment, metadata must be addressed and taken seriously.

Data Quality Challenges and the Roadmap tp Accelerate ROI [Published: 10-29-2004]
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