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November 2004 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Accelerating Past the Business Intelligence Slow Down [Published: 11-04-2004]
Metapa explores the exceeding enterprise requirements in today's business intelligence systems. login required

Is Knowing Your Data Enough? [Published: 11-04-2004]
Taking a look at data profiling.

How to Implement a Web Service with SAS - A Business Scenario [Published: 11-08-2004]
How web services fit into the SAS Intelligence Architecture and how to develop applications that make use of the web services framework. login required

Beyond Business Intelligence [Published: 11-08-2004]
SAS9 places organization's intelligence operations into the broadest possible user population - more efficiently and at a lower cost than ever before. login required

Reaping the Benefits of Integrated Business Intelligence [Published: 11-08-2004]
Introducing the SAS9 Intelligence Platform login required

SAS9 [Published: 11-08-2004]
The first enterprise-class business intelligence platform. login required

Ultimus joins Applix Strategic Alliance Program [Published: 11-08-2004]
Applix’s TM1 provides enhanced analytical and reporting capabilities for Ultimus process data, enabling organizations to deploy analytics beyond the finance department

What A Concept! [Published: 11-09-2004]
This CIF architecture acts as a road map or plan guiding the IT developer in implementing a Business Intelligence environment.

Distributed Extraprise Performance Management (DEPM) [Published: 11-09-2004]
The quest for profitability in manufacturing has targeted analytics that serve collaborative and services-oriented business operations.

The Critical Shift to Flexible Business Intelligence [Published: 11-09-2004]
What every marketer wants and needs from technology. login required

Panel Questions Government Data Sharing [Published: 11-10-2004]
One of the main efforts to overhaul the intelligence system involves how information on terrorism-related activity can be collected, stored, accessed and shared across all levels of government.

Corporate Performance Management [Published: 11-11-2004]
What’s hot and what’s not in banking.

The Adaptive Project Mart [Published: 11-11-2004]
Special rush projects require an adaptive project mart.

ProClarity Provides Real-Time Analytic Access to SAP [Published: 11-12-2004]
ProClarity and A&H Consulting developed PortworX Connect to enable real-time connections to SAP R/3 data.

QlikView Business Intelligence - The Way It Should Be [Published: 11-16-2004]
The exponential gains from BI come from improving the quality of the information that business leaders use when making decisions. login required

Vendor Influence [Published: 11-17-2004]
Vendors are useful avenues of advice, but the buyer must beware.

The Invasion of the 'E' Word [Published: 11-17-2004]
Achieving nirvana in data governance and data quality

The Fact Gap: The Disconnect Between Data and Decisions [Published: 11-17-2004]
A Business Object's commissioned study identifying obstacles that impede critical business decisions. login required

Implementing Business Intelligence Standards [Published: 11-17-2004]
Business Intelligence technology gives business users the ability to track, understand and manage information within an organization. login required

ProClarity Expands Analytic Access [Published: 11-18-2004]
Comprehensive Analysis of ERP Applications Now Available with Cubics.

End-to-End Business Intelligence with Business Objects Data Integrator [Published: 11-19-2004]
Business Objects provides a best-of-breed data integration platform that can satisfy the demanding needs of today’s most complex IT infrastructures. login required

Wipro and SAS Team Up for Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 11-19-2004]
Wipro Limited has entered into a strategic technology alliance with SAS

Approaches to Record Linkage for Customer Data Integration [Published: 11-23-2004]
The basic idea behind record linkage is that each record is assumed to be a representation of some real-world entity.

Building the Smart Business [Published: 11-23-2004]
A smart business exploits information technology to seamlessly connect people to the business processes and information they need to do their jobs, and make informed and timely decisions.

Do you trust your data enough to risk your neck? [Published: 11-24-2004]
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act holds executives personally responsible for accurate and timely financial reporting. login required

Netezza, Microstrategy Offer Complete BI Foundation [Published: 11-29-2004]
Netezza is Now Fully Certified and Supported on MicroStrategy 7i Platform.

Are You Ready for Sarbanes-Oxley? [Published: 11-29-2004]
Hosted by Claudia Imhoff

Customer Data Management: Providing a Sound Foundation for CRM [Published: 11-30-2004]
DataFlux explains why successful businesses must manage customer relationships to stand out from their competitors. login required

Effective Database Marketing [Published: 11-30-2004]
Managing your customer information is the key to managing your customer relationships. login required

Making the Most of Your Data Assets [Published: 11-30-2004]
Customer-centric companies will enjoy a significant distinct competitive advantage over traditional companies. login required