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July 2004 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Methodology and The Government Information Factory (GIF) [Published: 07-01-2004]
To meet the needs of the GIF there are three methodologies – the heuristic method is the most flexible.

Information Systems Architecture [Published: 07-01-2004]
The three primary elements of information systems architecture - a plan, a paradigm, and a construction - all rely upon each other. Any one by itself is an exercise in futility. Any two are a curiosity. But all three together form a very solid foundation.

Knightsbridge Establishes Federal Practice [Published: 07-01-2004]
Knightsbridge Solutions announced today the formation of a Federal practice to support the government’s growing and increasingly complex data management needs.

Data Modeling in the Government Information Factory [Published: 07-08-2004]
The data model is an intellectual roadmap to the contents of the government information factory.

Citizen Relationship Management (ZRM) [Published: 07-08-2004]
Citizen relationship management - high-tech public service "of the people, by the people, for the people."

ODS: For Flexibility and Speed [Published: 07-08-2004]
The “virtual” ODS - what you need for flexibility and speed!

Business Intelligence and Analytics: [Published: 07-13-2004]
The business risks are multiplied many times if a comprehensive, company-wide BI solution is not adopted.

Butler Group Report on Business Intelligence Financial Services [Published: 07-13-2004]
Highlights strategies and technologies for managing risk and enhancing value.

Dollars and Homogeneity [Published: 07-15-2004]
Rationalized comparisons across time and between companies are more dream than reality.

The Meta Data Model – Part 3 [Published: 07-15-2004]
The program environment subject area is the portion of the model that contains information about the physical movement of data through data acquisition and delivery.

Knowledge Management in the Public Sector [Published: 07-18-2004]
Knowledge Management is not just echnology and connecting computers, it’s about connecting minds.

Introduction to the Government Information Factory (GIF) [Published: 07-19-2004]
The Government Information Factory is a framework for planning the architecture to support the information needs of a government agency.

Data Warehousing: Building the Foundation [Published: 07-19-2004]
New and powerful tools will help load and refine information, but you must still develop a strategy to build the optimal data warehouse to use them.

Homeland Security [Published: 07-21-2004]
Twelve steps that can provide superior protection against "potential attackers"

The Meta Data Model – Part 4 [Published: 07-22-2004]
This is the fourth and final article on the meta data model. It contains the Security Environment within the meta data model.

Regulatory Compliance in the Government [Published: 07-22-2004]
The cornerstones of compliance “provide a method for complying with Sarbanes-Oxley, securing your database and managing corporate risk in a cost-effective manner.

Oracle tailors business intelligence offerings [Published: 07-26-2004]
Oracle's E-Business Suite to support healthcare and industrial manufacturing

SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 [Published: 07-26-2004]
Microsoft adds support for AMD Extended System architecture, enterprise data management, developer productivity and business intelligence.

Design By Committee [Published: 07-29-2004]
Design by committee – It’s not a camel, it could be a horse but it’s probably not what anyone wants.

Sarbanes Turns Two: Do We Protest Too Much? [Published: 07-29-2004]
Sarbanes-Oxley compliance is helping regain public confidence and for most companies, is becoming a routine cost of business.