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December 2004 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Finance Book Review—Wall Street Meat [Published: 12-02-2004]
"Wall Street Meat: My Narrow Escape From the Stock Market Grinder," by Andy Kessler, Harper Business, 2004, paperback, answers many questions about what the finance people were thinking in order to create the conditions for the dot com bubble.

Business Intelligence in Government--Geospatial Data [Published: 12-02-2004]
The growing importance of Geospatial Data for business intelligence in government is rapidly impacting the industry.

CDC Report Says Rates Have Increased [Published: 12-03-2004]
44 Percent of Americans Take Prescription Drugs.

Express Scripts Provides Discounts on Medications [Published: 12-03-2004]
Company Offers Generic Drugs to Poor People.

Unstructured Fraud in Insurance [Published: 12-07-2004]
The No. 1 method that investigators use to identify inappropriate transactions at companies, especially insurance companies and broker agencies, is through the forensic techniques on unstructured content.

How to “Excel” in Your Business Intelligence Environment [Published: 12-07-2004]
Mastering spread mart chaos.

Spitzer Will Run for New York Governor [Published: 12-07-2004]
N.Y. Attorney General Launched High-Profile Probes of Financial Firms.

Five Business Uses for Patient Registry Repositories [Published: 12-08-2004]
Five business uses for the patient registry repository stand out in terms of supporting greater effectiveness, quality and efficiency in clinical organizations.

Dynamics Direct Adds Yahoo Domain Keys Support [Published: 12-09-2004]
The Commitment to Fighting Spam Gets Even Stronger.

A Setback for Healthcare IT? [Published: 12-10-2004]
At a Chicago EHR Event, Brailer Insists the Administration Still Supports Progress.

Business Performance Management [Published: 12-13-2004]
How to maximize benefit while minimizing risk.

Nanotechnology: The Future is Now [Published: 12-16-2004]
Nanotech In motion.

Data Warehouse Metrics [Published: 12-16-2004]
Meaningful measurements Are key when comparing data warehouses.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Selects NuTech Solutions [Published: 12-16-2004]
NuTech Solutions Technology Will Be Part of the Next-Generation Agent-Based Evidence Assembly and Marshalling Initiative.

Nonprofit Hospitals and the Year of Living Transparently [Published: 12-17-2004]
The Trends of 2004.

Docs and Hospitals [Published: 12-17-2004]
Trust in Mutual Interests.

Was It a Perfect Business Solution? Or Just a Successful IT Implementation? [Published: 12-23-2004]
What really matters is how well people use technology to achieve real business goals.

A Holiday Card [Published: 12-23-2004]
I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Gartner To Acquire META Group For $162 Million [Published: 12-27-2004]
The acquisition will make Gartner a stronger company with increased opportunities for growth and greater resources to offer clients

Aspects of Standardized Information Exchange [Published: 12-28-2004]
When one is at the beginning of a process that requires a close look at data standardization for information exchange, using certain aspects as a starting point will help in exposing some of the more common barriers.

An Integrated Framework for the Smart Business [Published: 12-28-2004]
The four levels of IT Integration are: User Interaction, Business Process, Application and Data Integration.

B-EYE-Network: A Year In Review [Published: 12-29-2004]
We Thank You for the Success We've Achieved in 2004.

Winning Strategy Delivers Value and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership [Published: 12-30-2004]
Most companies don't receive the maximum benefits from business intelligence and data warehouse initiatives. login required