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August 2004 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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The Changing Economics of Financial Services EAI [Published: 08-01-2004]
The enterprise application integration (EAI) market is evolving. Instead of being enterprise-wide across financial institutions, new implementations must be more focused and able to solve tactical issues. login required

Improving Customer Care in the Financial Services [Published: 08-01-2004]
Automated information capture can provide improved customer care by increasing the speed and accuracy with which customer information is processed by financial institutions. login required

Delivering Strategic Business Value [Published: 08-01-2004]
Data warehousing and business intelligence technologies and methods have tremendous potential for improving and expanding the scope of managerial accounting systems.

Business Intelligence in the Federal Government [Published: 08-02-2004]
Proper analysis and accurate interpretation of data are essential “In God we trust; all others bring data.”

Privacy Law Limits Sharing of Customer Information [Published: 08-03-2004]
Banks must give customers the right to opt-out of cross-marketing programs

Partner Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word [Published: 08-04-2004]
Partners are the people or businesses who want you to win, and will share the risk with you so that all parties benefit.

Data - The Root Cause of All Problems [Published: 08-12-2004]
With aggressive competition, demanding stockholders, uncompromising regulators, and ever-active legislators, data has become the lifeblood of all financial institutions.

Sarbanes Oxley and Data Integrity [Published: 08-12-2004]
The entire corporation is benefiting from legislation. And in our litigious, red tape world, that is truly remarkable.

FOIA Requests Break Records [Published: 08-13-2004]
Requests for Information From Government Agencies Increases by 7.7%

Business Intelligence and E-Government [Published: 08-17-2004]
To citizens, contractors, taxpayers or civil servants the promise of e-government is to be able to search for information in a self-serve mode

Business Intelligence – Five Factors For Success [Published: 08-17-2004]
Business Intelligence – You know you need it but how do you get started?

GAO Criticizes DHS Plan [Published: 08-18-2004]
The Homeland Security Department's draft plan for upgrading and merging computer systems for 22 agencies isn't well thought out.

An Old Fogey [Published: 08-19-2004]
“Call me a relic call me what you will, Say I’m old fashioned say I’m over the hill” Bob Seger – Old Time Rock and Roll

Nanotechnology Crossroads [Published: 08-19-2004]
Today we are at a crossroads with Nanotechnology and our ability to produce and apply it to our daily lives. This article explores the current timeline for the evolution of Nanotechnology.

The Data Consolidation Payoff [Published: 08-23-2004]
Substantial ROI from consolidation projects based on TDWI study

Insurance Industry Gold Mine [Published: 08-23-2004]
Insurance companies have been utilizing data warehousing for years and need to tie it to customer needs and agent performance.

Lockheed Martin Selects BPM Platform [Published: 08-24-2004]
Dashboards will provide critical insight into the metrics that ultimately drive performance.

Cognos Offers To Acquire Frango [Published: 08-24-2004]
Cognos could significantly strengthens its product set in Corporate Performance Management.

Nanohousing™ [Published: 08-25-2004]
The Nanohouse becomes the Dynamic Data Warehouse of the future

Rebuilding the Data Warehouse [Published: 08-25-2004]
Overhauling the Data Warehouse to deliver value

Unisys Survey Finds BI Frustration [Published: 08-25-2004]
A new survey discovers managers are growing increasingly aggravated by the complexity of business intelligence

StrikeIron Deploys Data Quality Web Services [Published: 08-31-2004]
StrikeIron and DataFlux announce partnership

Applix and Sybase form Strategic Alliance [Published: 08-31-2004]
Alliance enables Sybase Customers to Perform Real-Time Analytics and BPM